Adidas Debuts a Beer-and-Puke-Proof Shoe for Oktoberfest

While you're gearing up for Oktoberfest with your fanciful lederhosen and Beerfest style training, the folks over at Adidas were busy considering your matching footwear. In what may be the ultimate festival shoes, the Adidas Originals München Oktoberfest sneakers were born. The German-made shoes aren't you're average pair of Adidas soccer shoes hiding in your closet. These ones are beer proof, and better yet, puke proof.

With all the massive steins clinking, das boot chugging, pretzel mustard dipping, and sausage scarfing, a lot can happen to your favorite pair of kicks while attending the greatest beer festival in the world. That's why Adidas sought to create a beer repellent and puke proof shoe. With the Adidas München Oktoberfest shoes you won't have to worry about censoring your drinking excellence-or others.

The new shoes are made with the finest leather and premium quality production that doesn't exist in your run of the mill festival shoes. The Adidas have a DPBR - durable puke beer proof - coating and stylish design that will match your Oktoberfest attire perfectly.

With their rich embroidery, red and white tablecloth matching interior, speckled laces, and "Prost" capitalized next to the iconic three stripes, these shoes are equipped to handle all the beer spilling this massive Munich festival could offer - while matching your favorite pair of Bavarian leather pants of course.

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If you're partaking in this festival, or any festival really, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of these bad boys. They will set you back a pretty penny, though. Their price point is set at $238 a pop.

On the up side, each pair of these limited-edition shoes comes with a custom beer mug - so you can practice beer chugging before the big event. Considering their durability factor, it's possible they'll last twice as long so it might be worth it.

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