Hack Your Prosecco with This Breathtaking Raspberry Edible Glitter

No beverage could be more extravagant than a flute of bubbling Prosecco. That is, until now. Adding flair to your bubbly, Lakeland decided to gift us with the only product that could possibly make Prosecco more fabulous than it already is - edible glitter.

Ordinary Prosecco may bubble, but it doesn't shimmer. PopABall Edible Glitter is here to change all that. With just a half a spoonful, your flute of Prosecco will be transformed into a shimmering delight. Watch the glitter dance in the glass as it cascades down the middle in a shimmering swirl.

The raspberry flavor is an elegant touch, adding a subtle hint of fruitiness that compliments the sweetness of Prosecco.

If that wasn't enough, the glitter also has heart-shaped pieces of gold leaf to provide you with all the glitz and glam your senses can handle. Here's a look at it in action:

No wedding, anniversary, New Year's Eve, Sunday brunch, or celebration of any kind is going to ever be the same once consumers get a hold of the PopABall. And no glass of Prosecco will ever be safe because the desire to glitter bomb your friends will be all too tempting. A touch of the glitter, and your friends will be shocked when the pink-hue iridescent shimmer brings a sparkle to their glass.

If you're worried about what the product is made of, it's guaranteed gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly. While the product details don't reveal the secret, it is approved for Prosecco consumption. The glitter also doesn't have to be strictly for Prosecco. It can make for a nice mocktail so everyone can get fancy.

The one drawback consumers face is the product is only available in the UK. While the rest of the world is stuck drinking ordinary Prosecco, the UK is celebrating glitter bomb style with flutes of shimmering goodness.

Although, the celebration must have run dry early because the product is currently sold out.

Disappointed consumers who couldn't purchase the product can still get the PopABall cherry, strawberry, and peach bubbles along with a blueberry gin to add some pizzazz to their drinks.

While the rest of us will have to wait and see if they will ever do international shipping so we can test it out, here's what consumers are saying about it:

What do you think of this new trend?

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