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Aaron Franklin's Net Worth Remains Shrouded in Mystery


[drop]A[/dropcap]aron Franklin's net worth seems to be hush hush. Unlike most celebrities, this web series star in Central Texas has very little posted about his personal life, besides multiple New York Times reviews attesting to the wonder of Franklin barbeque. In fact, there's not a lot on his personal bio or even a Wiki about him. Still, when he's given the world his gift of his perfectly barbecued brisket, he's entitled to his privacy, don't you think?

In Austin, Franklin Barbecue is a Texas landmark. Even former President Barack Obama has eaten at his barbecue restaurant. Jimmy Kimmel sings its praises on his late night show.

Aaron Franklin was born in and spent his early life in Bryan, Texas. His parents owned a BBQ stand where no doubt the BBQ bug bit young Aaron. Aaron graduated high school and decided higher education was not the direction he wanted to go. He decided he was destined to become a pitmaster, and it seems to have paid off.

Aaron Franklin is one of the kings of the BBQ industry. He's won every major award including Texas Monthly's "Best Barbecue Joint in Texas" and Bon Appétit's "50 Best BBQ Joints In The World". Don't sneeze at the James Beard Award for "Best Chef: Southwest" either. It is definitely a destination. Plan on lining up to get inside to eat.


Aaron has become a reality TV star and makes regular appearances on the series BBQ Pitmasters. There was also another PBS TV series called BBQ with Franklin. He is also the author of two grilling cookbooks called "Franklin Barbecue" and "A Meat-Smoking Manifesto".

Aaron is also the co-creator of the Hot Luck Fest in 2017, an annual music and food festival in Texas. He also launched the Asian smokehouse and bar "Loro," alongside chef Tyson Cole.

In his personal life, Aaron is married to Stacy Franklin, also a chef, and together have a daughter Vivian. Stacy is also his business partner and together they own Austin's Franklin Barbecue which opened for barbecue business in 2009.


Other celeb chefs are fans of this magical brisket BBQ including Chef Gordon Ramsay. The late Anthony Bourdain was also a fan and featured Franklin Barbecue on his "No Reservations" series. That's some high praise. So while we may not know Aaron Franklin's net worth, this respected pitmaster sounds very rich to us.

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