A True Cajun Beer Arrives Just in Time for Mardi Gras

Cajun beer may sound like a gimmick and Bière de mars may sound even more like a questionable libation. However, these libations from Bayou Teche Brewing are the craft beers that you absolutely need to try for Mardi Gras.

"When you're eating that food and drinking that beer, it's magical," says Polly Watts the owner of the Avenue Pub in New Orleans to the New York Times. The brewer behind these refreshing cans of liquid, Karlos Knott, says that in the beginning it was because of cajun food that he brewed these beers in the first place.  

"We're Cajuns," Mr. Knott said. "If we're not eating, we're thinking about what we're making for dinner, or what Momma's cooking Sunday."

A True Cajun Beer

While most American beers are brewed to be stand alone beverages, the beer from Bayou Teche Brewing is made in the French and Belgian farmhouse tradition and is meant to be served at the table as part of a meal.

This means that Bayou Teche's beers go best with the typical cajun fare of the region. Think deep rouxs, pots filled with simmering andouille sausage and chicken, and large cauldrons flavored with the brick red, cayenne-laden spice that is reserved for crawfish.

Crawfish Boil Brews

In fact, the brewery even has a beer dedicated especially to crawfish season. It's appropriately called Saison D'Écrevisses or Crawfish Season. Knott, who grew up harvesting crawfish on the family farm, continues to honor this tradition by hosting boils at the brewery. At the end of the season, which is June this year, he will host his annual Burning Crawfish Festival where a colossal papier-mâché crustacean is set ablaze while patrons cool off with a pint of Saison D'Écrevisses. 

This particular beer is fruity, spicy, fizzy, dry and refreshing. Its name is also a multi-lingual play on words for those in the know. Of course its name is a reference to the season. However, "Saison" is also a beer term that indicates that a brew is in the French-Belgian style.

Where Can You Pick Up Your 6-Pack?

Since, not everyone can make it to the brewery, you're going to have to find somewhere to grab one of these small-batch beers and celebrate Mardi Gras in style. That is if you can get your hands on any. Although his beers have received awards at international beer competitions, the distribution is limited.

Currently you can only purchase Bayou Teche beer in Louisiana, Texas, and Quebec. So if you are able to get your hands on any, send some to your friends.

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