This Bar Uses Coasters Made from Cars That Never Made It Home

Drunk driving is a serious matter, and one bar in Toronto has come up with a clever method of getting the message across to its patrons. On St. Patrick's Day, The Emmett Ray bar served drinks on coasters made out of metal with a sobering slogan. The slogan, however, wasn't the only eye opening factor - it was the metal itself.

Reading This coaster used to be a car, each coaster was a recycled vehicle piece that was from a drunk driving collision. If statistics can't shake you up, then a drink served on a coaster made from a drinking related accident sure will.

The idea for the coasters was part of a campaign with the impaired driving awareness organization Arrive Alive. With the help of an auto body shop located in Vancouver, the campaign wanted to share an important reminder.

Raising awareness on a big drinking holiday like St. Patty's Day, The Emmet Ray and Arrive Alive wanted to encourage patrons to hand over the keys to a sober driver and get home safely.

It certainly did raise awareness as the bar became filled with conversations about drinking and driving. With prevention being the main goal, the whole idea is if you're drinking then you're not driving.

Sadly, many do not get the message. According to MADD, "Twenty-seven people die as a result of drunk driving crashes" on a daily basis in the America. While not all crashes end in a fatality, it's estimated that in the given span of one year 121 million incidents of driving under the influence will occur.

Of those accidents a study by the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that on St.Patrick's Day in 2010, a death occurred every 51 minutes due to drunk driving. Striking the conversation about drunk driving, the campaign sought to decrease that number - if at least for one day.

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The idea of the coasters certainly is eye opening - not to mention the statistics. Take a note from the coasters and be smart, plan ahead. When you hit the town for the evening or swing by the local pub after work, arrange for safe transportation.

Call a cab, friend, or a responsible individual that can give you a lift. The outcome of drunk driving - or even buzzed driving - is not worth the risk. After all, your not just putting your own life at risk, but those around you as well.

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