One Mom Believes a Maryland School Shames Kids Who Can't Afford Lunch

How expensive is your child's lunch? Have you ever forgotten to equip your child with money for food? It can happen to the best of us (and trust us, it's happened). What we haven't experienced, though, is seeing children shamed into eating a pitiful lunch when they don't have enough money to buy the standard meal. A Maryland elementary school, however, was recently accused of shaming two students who couldn't afford lunch.

Lisa Hogan, mother of elementary students Justin and Haley, was outraged by how her children were treated by cafeteria staff. Diggs Elementary School workers faced a conundrum: Justin and Haley didn't have enough money with them to buy the standard lunch, as reported by WUSA.

According to Justin, the cafeteria workers said, "You don't have enough money. You cost $12.49." It's been a while since we bought school lunch, but we seem to remember it costing a whole lot less.

Regardless, the children were denied the standard lunch and given an alternative meal. What was the meal, you ask? A cheese sandwich. Not a grilled sandwich, just two slices of bread with two slices of cheese.

Lisa Hogan, their mother, feels that her children were set up to be ridiculed. A spokeswoman from the school district said that this is far from the truth. Further, the spokeswoman explained how when funds run low, parents can be automatically notified to fill the account.

Justin and Haley do not qualify for federally subsidized school lunches. Since Lisa fell behind on updating their allotted lunch money fund, if you will, they were given the same meal every other student in the same case is given.

Hogan felt that she should've received a phone call asking her to add more money. While we (sort of) see both sides of this, we want to hear what you have to think.

Was the school in the wrong, couldn't they have just thrown it on the grill to make a much more appetizing option besides two slices of cheese between two slices of bread with little nutrition to offer?

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