These Irishmen Say What We're All Thinking About Craft Beer Culture

The list of great American cities for craft beer culture is always growing. It's been doing so since Colorado hosted the first Great American Beer Festival in 1982. The taste for craft beer has infected other countries as well, spreading across the globe to places like Mexico, Germany, and Australia.

Some people view the blatant absurdities of craft beer culture with a critical eye. As a result, they refuse to buy in. The Irish gentlemen behind the YouTube channel Foil Arms and Hog have called to light some of the odd nuances that go hand-in-hand with visiting a brewery and enjoying craft beer a little too much in the following video.

To those who haven't lived in (and/or enjoyed being in) a city dense with craft beer culture, the brewery scene and all that goes along with it may seem foreign. Hence, words like hops, gravity, and tulips mean entirely different things to those who enjoy (and can define) an IPA, an RIS, or a barrel-aged saison. But for those who are perfectly fine sipping on the classics like Bud, PBR, and Guinness, many of the names given to craft brews seem outlandish and, at times, lewd.

On an especially relevant note, Foil Arms and Hog highlight just how ridiculous craft beer names tend to be. They cite playfully fictional brews, the most noteworthy being Leper's Revenge IPA, Formaldehyde Lager, and Rabid Granny Cider. Yum! Right?

Further, they touch on the tendency a number of craft varieties have of toting (often proudly) high levels of alcohol:

"Oh Jesus."

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm hammered."

"But you haven't even had one beer."

"It's 78 percent."

"That's poison!"

"No, it's craft."

The video notes the undeniable tendency many brewpubs and beer gardens have of using uncomfortable, secondhand furniture and feeling, well, dirty. The fictional craft beer joint they describe has "broken couches" and "hardback wooden chairs from a 1950's reform school" as well as slippery, sawdust-laden floors. The setting is described as both "awful" and "cool."

From the "vintage ambulance in the vaping section in the back" that serves pulled pork to the staff that has "attitude problems," this vividly imagined brewery is remarkably recognizable. The video truly is quite funny and, ultimately, share-worthy. Consequently, it makes even the most adamant proponent of craft beer culture question the things he or she has grown to adore.

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