Cersei and Tyrion Would Approve: Game of Thrones Wine Varieties Are Coming

Anyone who has turned on a TV, phone, tablet, or computer over the past few years knows what "winter is coming" means. It's usually a scientific fact but, in this instance, it's a line used frequently in Game of Thrones (GoT). With the seventh season on the way this summer, we want to ensure that your viewing parties are done right. With that being said, it's critical that you know that a Game of Thrones wine is coming. That's right, wine-ter is coming.

Thanks to the incredible Ommegang Brewery, you may have seen GoT beer before. According to Noah Kaufman of Food and Wine,

"Vintage Wine Estates announced that they've partnered with HBO to release three different officially licensed Game of Thrones wines--a Chardonnay (suggested retail $19.99), a Red Blend (suggested retail $19.99) and a Cabernet Sauvignon (suggested retail $39.99)."

So, when can we get these? When Westeros freezes over? No. Winter is Coming, the GoT news source says,

"Both the House Lannister Chardonnay and House Targaryen red blend were released on Monday, March 13, while the House Stark Cabernet Sauvignon will be available on March 20.

If you enjoy your fine wines like Queen Cersei does, they're available atGameofThronesWines.com. All three will be available in stores starting in April."

You know what Tyrion says, "Everything's better with some wine in the belly." However, there might already be a Game of Thrones wine on the market, that has since gone undetected. 

Girl & Dragon


Girl & Dragon, seems like it fits right into this scene quite well. We're not sure if it technically counts, but this little diddy from their website makes us think it does:

"A shadow slips over the land, as the day turns to night.

Glittering stars turn on, one by one; the dragon has taken flight.

Down below, a girl awakes. Her heart beating; his wings beating.

He searched the world for her. And now they soar as one."

Sound familiar to anyone else? It's a bit queen of dragons-esque, if you ask us.

As long as it doesn't upset Daenerys, we'll try it. We all know what happens to people who mess with her, and it usually involves flames.

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