The Whisky Distillery Job of a Lifetime Is Open on an Idyllic Scottish Island

If you're a whiskey-lover who knows their way around a distillery, your dream job has just opened up. According to the Daily Record, craft whiskey makers R&B Distillers has opened the search for a distiller to lead their new project on the remote, idyllic island of Raasay, between the Isle of Skye and Scotland's mainland.

Raasay is home to a community of about 150 people on its 24 square miles of rugged terrain and truly breathtaking views.

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Despite its small size, it's one of the most geographically diverse landmasses in the world, home to native forests, rolling hills and untouched beaches.

A whiskey education in the form of personal experience and practical use is required of all serious applicants - this isn't just a chance to further your wanderlust.

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Are you sold yet?

Think you've got what it takes? Submit your application here.

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