A Cookie Dough Café Is Opening in NYC Because Miracles Happen

We all know we shouldn't eat raw cookie dough; we also all eat raw cookie dough. One savvy Midwesterner seems to have made that connection, and on Wednesday, Jan. 25, will host the grand opening of her New York City café that specializes in  cookie dough, gourmet edible cookie dough.

D? (pronounced "dough"), slated to open at 550 La?Guardia Place, near Third Street in Greenwich Village. D? founder and Cookie Dough Confectioner Kristen Tomlan, a lifelong lover of baking and, of course, cookie dough, has found a way to make the stuff harmless -- great news after the FDA's stern warnings against consuming unbaked cookie dough.

The cookie dough café was born from -- what else? -- snacking on cookie dough. According to Tomlan on the site:

During a girls' weekend in Philadelphia, we stopped by a cookie shop for a sweet-tooth fix, but my inner child craved the unbaked dough. We bought a tub of frozen cookie dough -- intended for baking -- and we passed around the tub, loving every bite and laughing about the lack of cookie dough designed solely for eating in its pure form.

From there, D? was born.

I was in the early stages of developing D? when I learned I had a gluten intolerance. My pizza-loving, bread basket indulging and cookie devouring days were behind me -- or so I thought. Rather than settling with the restricted gluten-free options in the market, I began my unwavering quest to find a way to eat my favorite gluten-full foods, in a new, gluten-free way. Cookies, and dough, were no exception.

This big city girl with Midwestern roots is on a mission to bring you the best cookie dough you've ever had.  I have relentlessly researched, tested and tried ingredients to perfect the recipes of my favorite cookie flavors. I want everyone -- regardless of dietary restrictions -- to enjoy delicious cookies and cookie dough, brought to you by D?.

D?'s menu will offer cookie dough any way you can imagine: smashed into "cookies" and filled with ice cream, rounded into cakes, chopped into bites and boxed like chocolate, half-baked and gooey at the center of brownies, loaded into shakes and sundaes, even scooped into cones and cups, a la ice cream.

Will you be visiting D??

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