The World's Largest Heavy Metal Festival Will Feature a Beer Pipeline

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How do you deliver enough beer to quench the masses at the world's largest heavy metal music festival? You build a beer pipeline. The pipeline being built for the Wacken Open Air festival taking place in August is precisely what dreams are made of.

The festival, held in Germany, decided to up the ante this year by constructing 4.5 miles of underground pipeline to bring beer to the festival goers. The pipeline will deliver approximately 400,000 liters of beer over the course of the three-day festival. It's averaged that about 75,000 guests attending the concerts will consume an average of 5 liters of beer per person during the course of the festival.

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According to KHQ, the pipeline will be able to pour six beers in six seconds. Now that's no joke! We all know festivals equal a massive amount of beer consumed, and this heavy metal festival will be ready. If you're thinking that the beer will be warm upon arrival, festival organizers assure you the beer will be kept cold in the pipes - so no need to worry about warm beer here.

The construction of the pipeline is not only impressive, but it's also resourceful. Allowing beer to constantly flow, the pipeline will cut down on truck transportation to and from the festival. This way no one needs to worry about a tap running dry - unless of course someone tries to bust the line.

This major task for a three day festival certainly makes the list of impressive ventures. Wacken Open Air festival, however, is not the first beer pipeline to be constructed.

The world's first legal beer pipeline was constructed by Brouwerij De Halve Maan - Halve Moon Brewery - in Bruges, Belgium back in 2016. The crowd sourced project allowed 1,000 gallons of beer per hour to flow for 24 hours from the country's oldest operational brewery to the bottling plant.

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Those that donated to fund the two mile pipeline were promised free beer for life - I'd back that! At one point, you can even see the pipeline through a clear manhole.

While those funding the festival pipeline may not get free beer for life, it may be safe to say at least one free beer is in their future.

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