These 9 Wine Popsicle Pairings Are Perfect for the Dog Days

Popsicles are a forever favorite, having earned their place in freezers across the country. The forever-reliable, cool sweet treats are just what you crave in warm weather, and as you've grown up, so have your favorite popsicles. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you can't have an icy cool treat on a hot day. Want to live your best life? These wine and popsicle pairings will help you get there.

Making your own boozy popsicles is a snap. Simply combine the liquids, pour into popsicle molds, insert popsicle sticks, and freeze. Easy as pie! However, when you want a refreshing treat with alcohol content for the pool, you don't have to make your own, just stick it into a glass of wine, seriously. Here are our picks for the best wine and popsicle pairings for the dog days of summer.

1. Pineapple + Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a bright and fresh wine that has a nice pop of citrus. It's not uncommon to get hints of pineapple in there, so pouring this over a pineapple -flavored pop would enhance both the wine and ice pop flavor.

If you're hoping for something less dry, you can also use a white sangria. A wine mixture with notes of citrus is what you want to stick with when using pineapple pops.

2. Strawberry + Sparkling Rosé

Nothing screams summer like the light, berry fresh flavors of sparkling rosé. Nothing, that is, except a strawberry popsicle. Put them together and summer livin' is pretty good.

Don't most tasty recipes start with rosé? We think so, too.

3. Tropical Fruit + Pinot Grigio

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Tropical flavors like mango, pineapple, guava and papaya play on the subtle flavor that most Pinot Grigio offers. Since the sweetness of the fruit will most likely dominate, this is the perfect pairing for someone who prefers a sweeter pop.

While you might think moscato ice pops would be the best move for a tropical flavor, the Pinot Grigio route offers a more complex and tart sip so your drink isn't so achingly sweet as the pop melts.

4. Coconut + Chardonnay

Rich Chardonnay has a slight buttery taste. That makes it the perfect wine to pour over a coconut-flavored pop. Think of it like a piña colada, but without the rum. And definitely go for the pop with chunks of coconut for texture.

If you want to get wild, pair this wine popsicle drink with a taste of dark chocolate for a flavor combination that feels simply luxurious.

5. Rhubarb/Beet + Cabernet Sauvignon

If you come across a popsicle that incorporates beets or rhubarb in it (they do exist!) and you aren't quite sold on it, give it a chance anyways!

Take it home, drop it in a wine glass and pour some Cabernet Sauvignon over the top. You're welcome.

6. Berry + Fruit Wine

St. James Winery makes some wine that most wine snobs would turn their noses at. The fact is, though, it's good stuff (think Boone's Farm, but all grown up).

Made from fruits like blueberry and blackberry, it's ideal for someone looking for something slightly sweet, or to pour over a berry-flavored pop. There aren't enough red wine popsicles in the world, if you ask us.

7. Peach + Moscato

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The sweet flavors of Moscato can often taste similar to a slice of peach pie, so why not create the same effect by mixing the flavors together.

If it's too sweet, add some club soda to lighten it up.

8. Lemon/Lime + Prosecco

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Bright citrus flavors like lemon and lime will bring bubbly Prosecco even more to life. If you're unfamiliar, Prosecco is the delicious Italian version of champagne. It can be sweet or dry and either version will work with your favorite lemon or lime ice.

If you love the citrus flavor, feel free to add a dash of lime juice or lemon juice to your glass as you dunk in the pop!

9. Green Apple/Pear + Riesling

Some Riesling varieties can favor a tart flavor profile while others are more on the sweet side.

Either way, they both have strong mineral characteristics that make it a unique wine. The tartness of a green apple or pear pop is idea for bringing this wine to life.

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