Texas Grandma Leads Cops on Slowest Chase Ever in the Name of Coffee

An 81-year-old woman in Denton, Texas gave the police an unexpected run for their money. In a slow-speed car chase that sounds almost too ludicrous to be true, Nancy Strader wasn't going to stop for the police until she got a cup of coffee. According to WFAA, several reports had been called in about Strader's 2015 Jeep driving the wrong direction down N. Elm street. Apparently, she was on a mission to get a sandwich and a cup of coffee when interrupted.

The Texas police pulled her over after receiving the calls to make sure she was okay. That's when she refused to exit the vehicle or even roll down the window. Instead, she slowly rolled forward and preceded to continue her coffee journey.

Thanks to a body camera the whole incident was caught on tape.

"I can't hear you ma'am. Ma'am. Hey. Don't do it. Don't. Stop. Stop the car."

The officers attempted to stop her without any luck. She continued to drive off on what became a very slow-speed pursuit - her car never went over 25 miles per hour.

After ten minutes of looking for coffee with the cops on her tail, she stopped. The officers rushed out of the vehicle and immediately slashed her tires to prevent a further slow rolling pursuit.

Still refusing to roll down the windows, the police had to shatter the glass to remove her from the vehicle. The officers then questioned her and checked her vital signs along with blood sugar, which all tested normal.


Later when asked about the incident, Strader stated:

"I just was out riding around. I thought I'm going to go have me some coffee or a sandwich or something because I hadn't eaten all day. But I never got it"

After 14 hours in jail and a charge with evading arrest, Strader's son bailed her out with a $1000 fine and a plan to get her checked out by a medical professional. In the end, no one was injured in the process.

Now that's one expensive coffee run.