8 Whole30 Breakfast Ideas You'll Eat on Repeat

Breakfast can either be your favorite or most hated time of the day. For some, it's a culmination of serene moments used to reflect on the day ahead and time to fuel up. For others, it's stress-induced, like "How the heck am I going to shower, make food, coffee, feed the family and the dogs while making it out of the house on time?"

Even if you find a time to grab a bar and get out the door, if you're trying to live the paleo life or are in the midst of a Whole30 (get the lowdown and some tips here), fast meals seem daunting and ineffable. Luckily for you, there's such a thing as a Whole30 breakfast for dinner, dinner for breakfast, and everything in between.

It is 2017 after all, and we've got to stay up with the times. There's no longer designated meals for specific times of day. If you want a steak for breakfast, by all means-go after it! Do you want eggs, an English muffin and sausage patties for lunch? Not a problem.

The world is your oyster, and food undeniably should be a part of your world. These 8 meals can be eaten at any time of day or night and are totally compliant with the Whole30 program.

1. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potatoes

Well Plated

Mixing sweet potatoes with the savory of buffalo chicken allows you greater mealtime flexibility. In other words, it's easy to have this heated up in 30 seconds before running out the door in the morning, and just as easy to rewarm in the oven in the evening for a simple, yet deliciously savory dinner. The choice is yours!

While you might not consider a sweet potato a good breakfast idea, what if we told you the inside of this tasted like a sweet potato hash? It's that good. Get the recipe here.

2. Garlic Bacon Avocado Burgers

The Pike Place Kitchen

Your nightmares of a 30-day period with no burgers can be put to bed with these garlic-y saviors of the burger world. You'll hardly miss the bun if you're doing a Whole30 diet because the flavor of the high quality meat mixed with onions and garlic will take you out of this world.

When you combine bacon fat, you know it's one of a few good breakfast recipes. We know what we're having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. Get the recipe here.

3. Potato Avocado 'Toast'

The Organic Kitchen

Hash browns aren't just for breakfast! With these homemade hash browns, not only can you use them as 'toast' for your morning power meal, you can also make multiples and freeze for later use. Make some Whole30-compliant avocado toast for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Better yet--have it for every meal! Get one of these delicious Whole30 breakfast recipes here.

4. Caramelized Onion Butternut Squash Crustless Quiche

Physical Kitchness

Eggs are a great way to get that needed protein fit into your day in an easy way in a breakfast bake! Bake this for breakfasts and allow yourself the savory experience of brinner, or breakfast for dinner, any night of the week!

A good breakfast casserole combines the best of nutrition in one easy package of baked eggs. Get the recipe here.

5. Paleo Pizza Potato Skins

Jay's Baking Me Crazy

Nothing says "Yum!" like pizza, and nothing's better than making it your own. Follow the recipe strictly or add the toppings you want into the mix, making it made-to-order fresh and exciting.

Pizza is one of those underrated breakfast ideas no one admits to enjoying first thing in the morning, but the truth is that our taste buds don't care what time it is when it comes to pizza. Get the recipe here.

6. Berry Vegan Smoothie Bowl

Paleo Gluten Free Eats

With just four easy ingredients, this smoothie bowl can (and will) conquer any unattended hunger or midday cravings like a pro. You'll hardly even realize there isn't dairy in it! This easy paleo bowl comes together in seconds.

For a fun twist, toss in some chia seeds and soak overnight in the coconut milk the night before building this smoothie bowl. The best thing about waking up in the morning is getting to eat this. Find the recipe here.

7. Gluten-Free Shepherds Pie


Normally we wouldn't recommend shepherds pie for the morning time, due to it's usual caloric and dairy overloads. Having that heavy of a meal sit in your tummy can be an unsettling thought for so early in the morning!

Lucky for you, this bad boy is dairy-free, making it a light way to get your needed protein and veggies into any part of your day, breakfast included.

While lamb is featured, for a more breakfast flavor, try apple sausage sautéed in good olive oil. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Try your hand at the recipe here.

8. Apple Coconut Breakfast Bowl

Prevention Rd

Nothing says "Whole30" like no cereal, or grains in general. If you're craving a crunch at any hour of the day, whip up this bowl! With apple, nuts and good-for-you coconut flakes, you'll start to wonder why cereal is even a thing.

The body responds to a healthy jumpstart at the beginning of that, and this is an easy dish to breakfast prep the night before. Get the recipe here.

Which of these recipes would you try?

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