Chocolate + Peanut Butter: 8 Perfect Flavor Pairings That'll Never Fail

There are just some things in life that are a perfect pairing. Starstruck lovers, summer and winter, brown paper packages tied up with strings, and certain flavors all fall into that category. Granted, which flavors meld together into perfect harmony is often a question of tastebuds. However, there are some that are unquestionable made for each other.

What are these transcendent twosomes? Glad you asked, here are 8 of them.

1. Tomato + Basil

Kalyn's Kitchen

We can all immediately thank the Italians for pizza margarita, caprese salad, tomato and basil gazpacho, and so many other ways to use these two flavors together. Not only did they show the world that a vegetable and an herb can work in perfect harmony, but the popularized it on a global scale.

Now you can even find recipes for a classic French quiche with these two ingredients. Get the recipe here.

2. Tomatoes + Vinegar

Gimme Some Oven

Tomatoes go with vinegar like white on rice. This tangy tango is almost unavoidable in fact. Think of any vinaigrette that you've ever had. What about ketchup and mustard? Or salsa for that matter.

Maybe the best way that this pair twirls its flavors together is in bbq sauce. Sweet, tangy, and tomatoey all at once, it is a perfect celebration of this perfect pairing. Get a recipe here.

3. Lemon + Lavender

The Busty Baker

Lemon and lavender can be refreshing and it can be sweet. It is invigorating in the summer and comforting in the winter. Essentially it is a combination worth of your attention year round.

So why not start now with some scones? Get a recipe here.

4. Lime + Avocado

Island Smile

Lime and avocado are inarguably a perfect pairing. The tart acidity of a lime is simply made for the creaminess of an avocado. The best part about this flavor complement though is not that it tastes delicious together, but that it tastes delicious with nearly everything you put it on too!

Try it with steak, try it with seafood. Soon you might start trying it on everything. Get a recipe here.

5. Strawberries + Cream

Elana's Pantry

Strawberries and cream are so good together that most of the time it's not worth bothering to do anything to two ingredients rather than eat them.

However, sometimes it's good to get out of a rut, even if you start with baby steps. Perhaps an ice cream is the best place to start. Get a recipe here.

6. Cinnamon + Sugar

Mole Sauce
Closet Cooking

When you think of cinnamon sugar, you mostly think of desserts, right? Well, surprise surpise because it turns out that this flavor combination is actually right at home on the savory side of the spectrum too.

A perfect example of this is mole sauce. The sugar cuts the acidity of the tomatoes while the cinnamon gives a quick kick to boost the flavor of all the spices that are mixed in. Get a recipe here.

7. Chocolate + Peanut Butter

chocolate peanut butter marriage of flavors
How Sweet It Is

Chocolate and peanut butter is such a perfect pairing that it might be the ultimate example of food symmetry.

You can make a cheesecake based on this flavor profile, you can turn it into a cookie, you can even put it in a sandwich. Or you could stop pretending that you want it to accompany anything at all and simply make truffles out of these two ingredients and enjoy their taste to its full potential.

Get a recipe here.

8. Bacon + Maple

Fox and Briar

Maple and bacon is one of those combinations that is appropriate at every meal. Maple syrup pairs perfectly with bacon. It also makes a uniquely delicious ice cream flavor. You can even put this perfect pairing on vegetables and magically they will become the best part of the meal.

It's incredible how appetizing this flavor combo can make anything - including Brussel sprouts. Try it. Even your kids will devour these miniature green cabbages. Get a recipe here.

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