About 8 Million Cuisinart Food Processors Are Voluntarily Recalled

On Dec. 13, Conair issued a statement that around 8 million Cuisinart food processors are voluntarily recalled. The company took action after receiving 69 reports that the metal blade in the machine was breaking apart, leaving debris in food, via Business Insider. This recall comes after people reported mouth and dental injuries, along with their findings.

With the statement, Conair stated that the ridged blade of the processor's design can crack over time with regular use. If you have a model number, listed below via Business Insider, you can return your processor and you'll be given a replacement blade.

The models were only sold in the United States and Canada, so friends abroad need not fret. However, the time period is broad - the models were sold from July 1996 through December 2015. It's clear that Conair took the recent reports of injuries seriously as they've already formulated a stronger replacement blade within a year of selling the recalled model.

You can find your processor model number below.

The recalled model numbers (found on the bottom of your processor) are:

  • CFP-9, CFP-11
  • DFP-7, DFP-11, DFP-14
  • DLC-5, DLC-7, DLC-8, DLC-10, DLC-XP, DLC-2007, DLC-2009, DLC-2011, DLC-2014, DLC-3011, DLC-3014
  • EV-7, EV-10, EV-11, EV-14
  • KFP-7
  • MP-14

These numbers were reported via Business Insider.

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