8 Things You Should Buy at the Pharmacy to Save Money

Pharmacies don't have the best reputation when it comes to low prices. At the end of your trip, you're usually left wondering if you saved time and money, or just blew money for convenience-sake. For some items, there is no alternative to the supermarket, such as fresh greens and other produce-related item, but are there items sold at both that you could be getting for a steal at the pharmacy?

Contrary to popular belief, there is a multitude of ways to save big at pharmacies even without extreme or regular couponing. You can buy things you actually need for less money at the drugstore.

Pharmacies are aware that not all of their products are wallet-friendly, and for this reason, they often have sales, including discounted items and BOGO deals. They have to get you in the door for you to find these deals, which is where advertising for deals on the essentials comes in handy. If you want to try your hand at bargain shopping, here are 8 items to look out for at the drugstore to save some dollar bills.

1. Dairy Products

This is a product pharmacies usually advertise as a deal on the signs outside, and for good reason. Dairy is an essential item, and by bringing the price down, they're bringing you in the door for even more deals.

You'll find milk, coffee creamer, string cheese, regular cheese, and ice cream at most pharmacies in the refrigerated section. What else do you need?

2. Magazines

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Though some may argue print is dead, magazines are still sold and you can get a plethora of them at pharmacies, some that you can't get at your regular grocers.

They'll often have deals on them, too, so you can get your magazine on for traveling and entertainment at a fraction of the cost.

3. Cereal

This is an item where pharmacies will generally have BOGO for some sort of cereal at all times.

Be selective and check in with your local drugstore frequently to see which cereals are on sale, and invest when yours is up!

4. Nuts

Nuts can range in price, and because of this, your budget can get wrecked pretty easily by merely investing in one to three variations of nuts from the grocery store.

Pharmacies generally have their own brand of products, nuts included, for a fraction of the supermarket price.

5. Gift Cards


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You can often get a variety of gift cards at your neighborhood pharmacy, making it a one-stop shop for graduation gifts, as well as other significant occasions.

If you're part of the pharmacy's rewards program, you'll oftentimes earn reward points for purchasing them, too. Additionally, some credit cards offer specific pharmacy and drugstore reward points.

6. Baby Necessities

Baby wipes and diapers are often on sale at drugstores, and when they're not, there are usually manufacturer coupons along with coupons from the store that will bring the price down. Hey, a deal's a deal!

7. Laundry Detergent

If you're a brand snob, every few weeks, big brand names such as Tide will go on sale at pharmacies.

For those who simply want a good deal on this regularly overpriced item, buying store-branded detergent from a drugstore is the only way to go.

8. Candy + Snacks

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Often a part of a BOGO or two for $3 deal, candy and other snacks like popcorn and chips are great buys at your drugstore.

Perfect for that lingering sweet tooth or your child's party favors, there's no other way to go.

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