The 8 Best Coolers You'll Want for Summer Right Now

The temperature is on the rise, and that can mean only one thing: summertime is approaching. With the warm weather, the warm water and the great outdoors beckoning, there's only one thing an outdoor enthusiast could possibly need to survive these tough times. What's that? One of the best coolers you can buy to hold all those cold drinks.

Whether you're floatin' the river, taking the boat out for a day on the lake, or just sitting shoreside with a fishin' pole in one hand and an ice cold brewski in the other for casual fishing trips, there's no denying the necessary feat of a cooler, and a good one at that. You need convenience, durability and ice retention, which is what these eight coolers have in common. Puppies not included.

It's time to start wasting time in the most relaxing of ways and get your hands on a new and upgraded heavy duty cooler. Whether you're a Coleman diehard, or a Pelican swearer, keep an open mind for this list. There are quite a few brands to choose from in the good ol' U.S.A., but these eight fit most of your needs, whether you're a beach lounger or a diehard fisherman.

If you're having a float fest in the backyard pool or one in the ocean, grab your ice, your phone and your favorite cooler items for a day of full-on play with one of these eight beauties.

1. YETI Hopper Two 30 Cooler


Built to last and withstand the water, this soft shell YETI cooler will take you, your drinks, food, and new ice wherever the adventure may take you. With its waterproof shell and leakproof design, you'll keep everything icy cold with no fuss and easy accessibility. YETI is consistently at the top of cooler reviews because they're reliably honest -- when you want a quality cooler, you go to YETI.

Get outdoors, and don't forget how beautifully YETI coolers pass the ice-retention test. This is a smaller version of YETI's popular high-end models, and makes for an easy weekend camping cooler. Grab yours for $349.99 from Yeti here.

2. Rager Bluetooth Speaker Cooler


Say you and a friend want to hit the river for a day of hiking and swimming, but you don't want to be left to the devices and musical selection of others along the way. This is the perfect ice chest for you.

With a Bluetooth speaker built right in, you can conveniently keep necessary food and drink chilled while jamming the day away. The small cooler is best for day trips, meeting most 12-hour cooler needs well. A few ice packs and you're all set for your jams on the go.

Get your hand one one from Amazon here for $79.00 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

3. YETI Ice Bucket 45 Cooler


Summertime isn't only for daytime activities. Have some friends over for a late-night bonfire, and stack this YETI Ice Tank full of your favorite seasonal drinks to bust out and impress everyone you know, yourself included.

The Ice Tank is one of our favorite coolers from YETI due to its simplicity. Reminiscent of bucket o' beers from your favorite Texas ice house, this handy bucket adds a real barbecuing touch to any get-together. Get your hands on an Ice Tank in one of two sizes, starting at $199.99, from YETI here.

4. Intex Chill Inflatable Floating Cooler


Taking a day on the water to yourself and five of your closest friends never looked so easy. You don't even need a drain spout when you can just flip this over to empty it out at the end of the trip!

This cooler not only floats, but also has six convenient cup holders surrounding the cooler itself. Float on with your very own from Amazon here for $19.99 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

5. YETI Tundra 35 Cooler


Get off the mainland with this cooler in one of three colors, including this majestic blue as seen above. The ice will stay frozen for days, leaving all of your necessities in well-kept hands while you enjoy what the summer months have to offer.

This is a best ice chest that suits all needs, from tailgating to backcountry camping. Get up and after it with this cooler from Yeti for $299.99.

6. Heritage Margaritaville Float and Tote Cooler


Margaritaville never looked as good as it does with this easy floating cooler, cupholders included. Waste a day away under the sun with a nice-cold, ice-cold beverage. Again, no need for a drain plug with this bad boy as it's made for lazy river floating.

Yes, this inflatable tube cooler isn't the best camping cooler out there, but it's the perfect cool for lounging poolside or in the creek. Get your day float on with this cooler from Amazon for $28.43 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

7. Tunes2Go Portable Audio Cooler


Who said high end coolers can't be tech-savvy? This Tunes2Go cooler brings the party with you, no matter where you are. With built-in Bluetooth, radio capabilities and an aux cord outlet, there's no stopping you now.

It looks like a classic Rubbermaid with the colorblocked outside, but this elite cooler does keep your ice melting speed to a minimum. Drop some beats anywhere you go with this cooler perfect for your musical personal needs from Amazon for $249.99 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

8. Igloo Sportsman Cooler



This is the perfect multitasking cooler for those wanting a cooler made to endure the toughest of times and harshest of weather without the larger ticket price. Sportsman by Igloo provides a lockable lid for added security and an anti-skid base, keeping it from slipping and sliding around a boat or truck bed. Using a mix of foam insulation and molded construction, this larger cooler is a fan favorite, especially the 20-quart cooler model.

While the Igloo Yukon is another popular model when it comes to high performance coolers, Igloo is one of those cooler companies that always produces quality, reliable outdoor coolers. Get your sportsman on here from Amazon for $126.67 and free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

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