8 Gorgeous Cake Stands Worthy of Your Masterpiece

With infinite designs to match any party theme, cake stands are the best way to make your celebratory dessert the star of your next party. The current trends will have your cake adorned with golden edible flowers atop a mahogany, hand carved masterpiece, or if that's not your thing, consider what you could do with a jade green dessert stand and blush accents.

We have composed a list of the swankiest ways to decorate your next party all while keeping your guests' eyes on the prize--the cake. While we stuck to single level cake stands, check back soon for our feature on tiered stands specifically.

And just remember, a good cake stand can always be a cupcake stand. It's all about how you accompany your décor whether it's for your Valentine or your Thanksgiving dessert table.

1. Noir Chic

When you select a black cake stand be ready for your guests' eyes to jump right to the star of your dessert table--the cake.

Black has always been revered as a sophisticated color that is often used to elevate the objects and colors around it. For a similar model to the one pictured above, try this Mosser Black Glass Cake Stand.


This option for $55.99 is nine inches in diameter, perfect for a homemade cake or pie as a pastry stand. Turn into a tier cupcake stand and tiered cake stand by stacking two together.

In design, it is said that you should always add one black thing to any collection of objects to give depth to the pieces and the overall look. The same can be said for your cake table and serveware concept.

2. Silver and white make everything right

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Another ultra-chic, super sophisticated color scheme is the always classic, silver and white. This combination evokes feelings of subtle sparkle and clean while lines, all while elevating your cake to the highest levels of delicious decadence. When it comes to wedding cakes, this is always a stunning option for a tier cake stand.

This elegant cake stand in silver from Amalfi Decor adds just the right amount of luxuriousness to your table, especially for spring and summer holidays, like Easter.


For $39.98 (on sale from $49.99!), this pedestal cake stand would elevate even the simplest chocolate cake. While not stainless steel, it's 100 percent food safe.

Want to spice it up a little bit? Consider adding one pop of color to your cake decorating or choice of cake plates, maybe something mysterious like a deep navy or something more airy like a dusty sky blue.

3. Jade green envy

Soft jade green is having its moment in the sun and I personally couldn't be happier. This smooth and subtle color is perfect to build your whole party around or just to throw in a little extra pizzazz or color to pretty much any scheme whether its for a cupcake tower or a cake stand set.

The exact jadeite cake stand featured above is a new arrival from the Pioneer Woman's collectionFind it here to purchase for yourself!


This 10-inch cake stand covers with a simple glass dome and for $44.00, it's a total steal for a dessert tower. A glass cake dome is indispensable, especially for outdoor display and kitchen store.

Consider combing a jade green cake plate stand with neutrals like white or wood tones in kitchen linens for a little pop of color, or build off of this color with soft rose-y pinks and buttery yellows for the ultimate pastel party.

4. Wood you like another slice?

A rich wood cake stand are the perfect way to display cakes with modern sophistication that is a tad on the masculine side. Various wood tones can be used together or pick one particular shade to give your celebration style and refinement.

This rustic log cake stand is perfect for events as extravagant as weddings and still add a fun surprise to birthday parties at home. In fact, wedding cake stand trends have been turning toward the rustic. Imagine a succulent-decorated wedding cake on this stand.


For $42.85, use this as a single cake stand for a tiered cake or a platform for as many cupcakes as your heart desires! You can even use it in your prep stage as a cake decorating stand, though it's a revolving cake decorating one.

Woods tones can easily be used the same way any neutral color is used, especially in outdoor décor against string lights in the backyard. Your baked goods will never look better.

Use darker wood tones the same way you would use a black color to create depth and draw the eye in, while golden wood tones should be treated more like a gold or off-white that will pop against deeper colors.

5. Gold is bold

Gold and other metallics will act similarly, especially when used to show off the star of the dessert table, but when using gold, it is important to note that it will be the most bold of the metallic family. Gold will also act as a warmer tone, whereas silver will act as a cooler tone.

This gold cake stand is 12 inches across, perfect for displaying cupcakes and cakes for every occasion from a baby shower to a Halloween party.


For $42.99, on sale from $59.99 with Free Shipping, you cannot beat the minimalistic vibe of this cake stand that would fit anywhere, but would look especially gorgeous under outdoor lighting with the sun glinting on it.

Gold oozes luxury and class while adding a certain flair of fun to any design-scape that it is used in. Pair a gold cake stand with crisp whites for a classic combination or turn up the fun factor a couple of notches with black and white stripes and creamy, dreamy blushes.

6. Lace for days

Lace etched cake stands will add a certain country chic to any gathering outside in a green garden or inside the comfort of your home. These cake stands are about as classic as you can get with an added frill of lace-y elegance that will indulge your guests' as they eye the dessert table.

This white lace cake stand is only $17.99 and can handle cakes up to 9.5 inches.


Find the white lace eyelet metal cake stand here for a vintage style in your collection. These cake stands can be made to be the star of the show or blend into the background all based on whatever colors you use around them.

Use them with white tones to allow your guests' eyes to focus on the food without paying too much attention to the details or pair them with a rich navy or fiery orange, and watch your guests pick up on the lace details with excitement.

7. Tree-t yourself

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Natural elements are having their moment in the spotlight as we are all seeing more objects taken straight from nature and into our decorative party spaces. Using a slab of a tree is the best way to make your cake stand out while giving your guests something to talk about.

While you can find a wood version with a base for heigh featured above, the simplicity of the flat cake stand is having a moment, too.

This cake stand, made with sustainable wood, is an elegant and understated option if you're not looking to add height to your cake.


The best part is that you can use this stand for everything from a cheese board to a serving slab. We prefer it as a cake stand, but for $35.00, it's totally functional.

Consider pairing your wooden wonder with crisp whites, dusty rose pinks, and shimmery golds for a color scheme that will leave a sweet after taste in everyone's mouths.

This color scheme is subtle enough not to take away from your party but bold enough that you will be the talk of the town.

8. Classic White, Alright, Alright, Alright

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I'm pretty sure everyone has a classic white cake stand lying around, so why not use it at your next party? White is the best color to build a party-scape around because it literally goes with everything.

If you don't have one, this porcelain round cake stand in white is the most versatile cake stand out there. A porcelain cake stand is indispensable and if you have to own any at all, it should be this minimalist and decorative cake stand.


At a simple and understated height, it puts your display front and center without detracting to the other details. For $26.32, this is also a steal for its functionality, like so many others on this list.

Want to keep it crisp and classic? Stick to an overall white toned theme. If you do want to add a little dimension consider picking a cake stand with a beaded edge or some type of subtle design.

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Want to turn up the wow factor? The sky is the limit, pair this cake stand with anything from rich navys and flashy golds to soft blushes and smokey greys. The fun of a white cake stand is that you can design your heart out and make whatever you think up in your head happen.

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