7 Ridiculous Food Trends of 2016 We Hope to Never See Again

2016 was one hell of a year. Hatchimals took over the minds of children everywhere, Brangelina called it quits, half of the stars of the '80s passed away and something about an election. Many a Sunday dinner was spent dissecting all of the above, but what really needs our undivided attention now are the over-the-top food trends that we let get away from us. Not because they were good, but because we can never let them happen again.

Don't get us wrong, we love food and the creative ways Americans were able to create healthy home cooked meals this year (thank you InstantPot!). But when an experiment goes just a little too far, and social media gets wind of it, you've got a food trend problem that needs a bit of reigning in.

Join us in bidding adieu to these seven ridiculous food trends that we can't wait to close the door on.

1. Poke

Poké me again!

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Let's clarify. Poke is a plus. The traditional Hawaiian dish is comprised of cubes of raw fish, a shoyu dressing, sesame oil, ginger, onions, chili peppers and seaweed. In its pure form, poke is delicious, satisfying and healthy.

In 2016, though, we saw the bastardization of poke with additions like fruit, beans, pickled this and smashed up that. Poke was the clear reminder that if it ain't broke, please don't try to fix it. Or add kale.

2. Unicorn foods

Drink me ? (served up by @cremeandsugaroc go there or die)(of jealousy)

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The country went Crayola crazy in 2016. Pastel-colored desserts flooded Pinterest boards under the moniker of being a 'unicorn.'

From rice crispy treats, to popcorn, to ice cream and beyond, everything and we mean everything was bedazzled with enough swirls and sparkles to make Rainbow Brite want to vomit.

3. Rainbow Bagels

Food dyes were especially put into overuse with the creation of rainbow bagels.

As if the multi colored multi grain wasn't enough, the thing was stuffed with cake-flavored cream cheese decorated with more rainbow - this time in the form of sprinkles. And people waited hours for them.

4. Sushi Burritos

Upon first thought, the concept of a sushi burrito is kind of amazing. I mean who doesn't love sushi and burritos? Together it has to be perfection, right? Well, on that one drunken Saturday night, yes, it was.

But when the overgrown roll wouldn't go away and we had to watch people messily chow down on buses, subways, food stalls, etc. we realized we just had enough. There's a time and a place for everything, except for the sushi burrito.

5. Milkshakes on Steroids

These ridiculous concoctions were nothing more than an Instagram brag. Because the truth was, they were impossible to consume. Enormous jugs of milkshakes were protected by walls of candy, more ice cream, sprinkles and sometimes random items like soft pretzels, donuts and even burgers.

After a few attempts, it was clear that the $15 plus you dropped on the thing was ill spent and the line for the bathroom proved it.

6. Bone Broth

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This one trend may be the one that put most chefs over the edge in 2016. Bone broth, or stock as chefs have been calling it since Escoffier basically invented culinary school in 1903 has been around for ages and you've been consuming it that long too!

Stocks are the base for everything from sauce to soup so the fact that people just caught on that it exists both annoying and funny.

Not because people we watched people wait on line for hours for a coffee cup full of the stuff, but because you can now buy the K-Cup version of it on Amazon and there is even a company making protein shakes out of the stuff. It's stock people!

7. Rose Gummy Bears

Do we even have to go into an explanation about why this trend needs to go away? Just have a glass of wine, people, and keep it classy.

Wine-infused gummy candies not only take way too long to make (and are an enormous waste of wine) but you'd have to eat a pound of them to even get buzzed. Maybe this one was invented by a dentist?

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