7 Reasons to Get Excited About Austin Food + Wine Festival 2017

Every spring since 2012, the Austin Food + Wine Festival has overtaken Auditorium Shores and become a cultural marker of the direction of food and wine for the coming years. From April 28 to April 30, the Austin Food + Wine Festival will once again come to town and with it will be a huge variety of events, from tastings to the Feast Under the Stars.

Here are seven reasons why we love the Austin Food + Wine Festival and why you might, too.

1. The Choices

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Austin Food + Wine Festival is set up as an interactive, plan-your-own-adventure festival, which means it's perfect for all kinds of foodies, from the casual brunch-er to the craft brewer.

You can choose to make your experience a learning-based one, or you could simply just go for the delicious eats.

2. The Lessons from the Pros

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Interactive cooking seminars and demos with renowned chefs like Amanda Freitag, Aarón Sánchez, and Christina Tosi drive home the informational path of the festival as they'll share tips and tricks with the crowds.

3. The Local Flare

Apart from international favorites, many local Executive Chefs from the Texas area will be in attendance, giving you a chance to connect with your favorite kitchen magicians behind the helm of some of your favorite Austin-area restaurants.

Chefs like Jodi Elliot of Bribery Bakery, Sonya Coté of Eden East and Hillside Farmacy, Bryce Gillmore of Barley Swine, and Kevin Fink of Emmer & Rye will be in attendance, representing Austin's hometown heroes.

4. The Interactive Cooking Demos

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The fan favorite, the Hands-On Grilling with Tim Love, at Austin Food + Wine Fest, is a popular interactive that sets you up with your own grill station as you follow along with Love onstage.

There's nothing like tying up your apron with the best of them.

5. The Grand Taste

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Arguably our favorite part of the experience, the Grand Taste is the area where you can sample food and drink from over 70 vendors in the area, open as soon as the festival does.

You'll try everything from specialty spirits to barbecue bites here, and you can see why it's a favorite of ours.

6. The Fire Pit

It wouldn't be a Texas festival without the Fire Pit where chefs will continually make good smells in their tents by grilling for the public.

Samples are available fresh from the flame, and this is also a good time to ask your favorite chefs for some barbecue secrets if they'll share.

7. The Nighttime Vibes

While the informative part of Austin Food + Wine Festival occurs during the day, the event is stacked with interactive and fantastic happenings at night.

From the Feast Under the Stars to Rock Your Taco, these events were designed with a happy party crowd in mind and definitely don't disappoint.

Tickets are still available to Austin Food + Wine Festival, but not for long! Get them while you still have the chance.

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