Neiman Marcus Collard Greens, Priced at $66, Shockingly Sell Out

Neiman Marcus, a Dallas-headquartered luxury department store, defines luxury. Offering too many extravagantly priced items to note here, a quick glance at its website will quickly show you what we mean by "defines luxury." Thus, it may come as no surprise that the store renowned for offering $3,500.00 studded boots and $300.00 designer baby blankets recently sold collard greens for a whopping $66.00. Neiman Marcus collard greens came, went, and confused many along the way.

That's right, Neiman Marcus offered a ludicrously priced frozen eight-to-ten person portion of collard greens with bacon. And that doesn't include the over $15.00 in shipping costs. No, you're not the only person who thinks this is absurd. We'll play devil's advocate for a moment. Let's start with pricing.

First, Whole Foods Market lists organic collard greens on its online shopping page at $1.99. Likewise, Albertsons sells $1.00 bunches of collards, and Wal-Mart sells a big 32-ounce bag for $3.97. Sure, these prices are for the raw greens only, but they make justifying a (grand total of) roughly $80.00 frozen package of the finished dish quite difficult. We think $8.00 per serving is a lot of green for, well, greens.

Additionally, the Washington Post notes the cultural significance of collard greens as one that Neiman Marcus seems to be blatantly eschewing. In their article, author of "The Up South Cookbook" Nicole Taylor posits a question: "Really, they don't understand the cultural nuances behind greens and what that brings up?"

Taylor goes on to say, "They should do a better job if they're going to sell foods that are tied to people's ethnicity and culture. They need to do some nice copywriting."

Unfortunately for most, the store (shockingly) sold out quickly. It seems that $8.00 per portion was worth the convenience for many. Those who missed out may never be able to know whether 80-odd dollars worth of frozen veggies with bacon tastes worth the price.

Don't fret, though. In addition to their $66.00 collard greens, Neiman Marcus sells a large portion of baked beans for $80.00 and $64.00 candied yams. You can also get a complete gourmet holiday turkey dinner for eight people for only $495.00 plus $32.00 for shipping. We, however, suggest sticking to cheaper dishes this year.

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