6 Ways to Upgrade Simple Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

There's just something about a cup of tomato soup paired with a gooey grilled cheese that makes our fall and winter wonderland dreams come true. It's almost as if these two creations were made to coexist as one and hey, we're not complaining.

But after awhile, your standard go-to grilled cheese and can of Campbell's tomato soup becomes less and less appealing, and it's time to shake things up. But how?!

How can you possibly change anything in two dishes that are simple by name and nature? You come to Wide Open Eats for a shake up on the bland and boring.

1. Experiment With Cheeses

Vanilla and Bean
Vanilla and Bean

There's nothing wrong with a simple cheddar or american grilled cheese, surrounded by perfectly buttered and golden pieces of bread. However, you don't have to stay in the shallow end of the grilled cheese pool.

There are so many cheeses to play around with, just go to the supermarket, pick out a few, melt or broil them onto your bread of choice, add another element like prosciutto, and there you have it, your very own grown up grilled cheese.

We really like what Vanilla and Bean has done with their Almond-Sage Pesto Grilled Cheese. If you don't trust your own judgment in cheeses, try their recipe here.

2. Use Freshly-Chopped Herbs

Vegetarian Times
Vegetarian Times

When you're cooking a tomato soup, its origin is probably a can, unless you're one of those overachievers that we all wish we could be that smashes your own tomatoes to create a homemade tomato soup.

How do you beef up this canned (once upon a time) goodness? Add some freshly cut herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme or onion to take your soup from store-bought to homemade in no time flat.

Vegetarian Times has a simple recipe to get you started with your herb game. Get the recipe here.

3. Make Bread Float

Que Rica Vida
Que Rica Vida

You've probably seen this in a French onion soup, but who says it's not perfect for your tomato soup, too? These floating boats of wonder will add a decadent layer to your soup with the addition of broiled gruyere cheese, and any other toppings your heart desires.

If you need some guidance with the making of these beauties, get the recipe here.

4. Get Exotic

How Sweet Eats
How Sweet It Is

Yes, there are a lot of cheeses in the world, and you should definitely experiment with all of them when your grilled cheese fixation strikes. But what about a blend of two or three cheeses with strawberries and chocolate?

And yes, it is completely acceptable to eat this at any time of the day. Get the recipe here.

5. Veggies. All of the Veggies.

One Little Project
One Little Project

There are a number of ways to diversify a tomato soup. You could make it creamy and luscious with heavy whipping cream, or add Italian sausage and pasta for a different spin.

But why load down something so simple and traditional when you can keep it light and fresh? Plus, you'll get your daily intake of vegetables without even knowing it.

Get the recipe here.

6. Combination is Key

BS' In The Kitchen
BS in the Kitchen

This is the ultimate indecisive move when it comes to cooking. Why dirty two separate pans when you can just combine the soup and grilled cheese into one gooey masterpiece.

This recipe marries the classic tomato soup with it's traditional grilled cheese counterpart, leaving you with something revolutionary in all of the right ways.

Get the recipe here.

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