6 Refreshing Beer Cocktails That Are Impossible to Dislike

You have not had a cocktail until you've tried a beer cocktail. Even the naysayers in the crowd can't refute the glorious tantalizing concoctions. Mixologists have run rampant combing their favorite brews with creative ingredients, taking your taste buds for a ride.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Try one for yourself.

1. The Beermosa

Perpetually Hungry

The beermosa, or manmosa as some may call it, is like the gateway beer cocktail. It eases you into the idea of mixing beer and makes for a great alternative to a champagne induced Sunday brunch.

So get crazy this Sunday and kick back with the top notch Hipster Beermosa with Blood Orange Juice.

2. Michelada

Jennifer Meyering

Sometimes referred to as bloody beers, micheladas are the Mexican Bloody Mary. Tomato juice, lime, and spices doctor up this light cerveza. And in true Bloody Mary fashion, micheladas are a hangover blessing.

Get your michelada on with this recipe.

3. Meyer Lemon Shandy Sangria

How Sweet It Is
How Sweet It Is

Wine and beer enthusiast can agree that a meal should be paired with the right beverage. So making a beer-centric sangria? Genius!

This Meyer Lemon Shandy is the guilty pleasure you can't stop talking about and can't stop drinking with dinner.

4. Mango Habanero IPA Shandy

Glue & Glitter
Glue & Glitter

The idea of a shandy sound may sound blasphemous to some. That is, until this spicy citrusy mango beer cocktail was born.

The Mango Habanero IPA Shandy will have cocktail drinkers loving hoppy beer, and beer drinkers doctoring up their IPA.

5. Black-Beery Whiskey Smash

Domesticate Me
Domesticate Me

If there was one liquor of choice for beer drinkers, it would be whiskey. Fermented in a process not unlike beer, the creation and taste is well appreciated. Smash in the sweet, tartness of blackberries and you have the ideal marriage between the beer and cocktail world.

Make your own Black-beery Whiskey Smash with this recipe.

6. Bloody Hell

The Beerones

If fruity beer means girly beer, then everyone I know drinks like a girl. Blood orange is becoming ever more popular in small batch brews. So why not make a beer cocktail out of it?

Add in some jalapeño heat and a drop of bourbon, and you have a one way ticket into beer cocktail heaven.

Get the Bloody Hell recipe here.

What will you put in your beer?

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