5 Ways You Can Wear Your Beer This Summer Because 'Merica

Whether you're hitting up the neighborhood barbecue or heading to the river, you're going to need one very important drink to keep you hydrated. Beer, beer, and more beer.

While we know you can easily carry your beer in a cooler, wouldn't it be better if you could actually, like, wear your beer? I'd say yes and we think you might agree too. That's why we went ahead a gathered some cool gear that will allow you to literally wear your favorite beer all summer long. Strap it on with vest, a belt and holster, or even wear it in a hat. Either way, with these items, you have no excuse to be showing up to any party empty handed.

1. 'Merica Flag Beer Belt

beer belt

Nothing says I love this country and booze more than this belt right here. Carry up to six of your favorite brews at once with this belt for just $14.26.

2. Black Leather Beer Holster

beer holster

This fancy leather beer holster is perfect for a more sophisticated outing, right? Just loop it to your belt or belt loop and slip your beer of choice in there.

Now you have two free hands for yummy snacks. Get this now for just $27.95.

3. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

beer hat

This is the ultimate beer accessory. Stand out in a crowd with this unique while sipping on some summertime shandy. Upgrade your party attire and get this hat for just $10.99.

4. American Flag Canvas Drink Holster - Fits Can or Bottle

beer holster

This beer pouch is more than what it seems. Yes,  you can indeed hold your beer in this.

However, you can clip your money, cards, and I.D on the other side so you have literally all that you need at your side. Get this handy dandy holster for just $19.99.

5. EZ Drinker Drink Vest, 12-Pack

beer vest

This drink vest is a doozy. You can carry a twelve pack of booze in this thing so you are literally stocked up at all times. Everyone will be coming to you for a refresher and it's only $17.99.

Strive to be the life of the party at your summer festivities. These beer accessories are all the rave and they can be yours when you shop this list.