5 Ways to Scare Up Counter Space in a Small Kitchen

Welcome to 2017, the year of escalating housing prices and decreasing square footage per place of residence. While small quaint bungalows and tiny houses have become trendy, they don't leave much room for storage in everyone's favorite room: the kitchen.

With the Keurig craze and other space-heavy appliances (KitchenAid blender, anyone?), it's time to step up your creativity game, and de-clutter your counter space and your life. After all, an intelligently organized kitchen is what dreams are made of, right?

Whether you have a kitchen made for ants or are just looking to get a little order in your life starting with your kitchen, these tricks, trades, and crafty storage ideas will not only de-clutter your counter space, but also gives your kitchen a noticeable facelift for half the effort and cost.

Saving money, time, and creating a kitchen that doesn't make you scream in horror each time you step foot within it? Talk about efficiency.

1. Shelf your shelves

Shoebox Tiny Home

This may seem redundant, but how have we not been utilizing this tactic?

It's genius because it allows you to take advantage of every inch of space in your cabinets, helping clear clutter from the counters, and organizing your cabinet space at the same time.

2. Get vertical

Tiny House Kitchen

Generally, people either store their mixing and cooking utensils (like wooden spoons and spatulas) inside a canister-like basket, which takes up precious counter space.

Instead, try hanging a rack (you can even use a shower curtain or curtain rod) to hang such utensils from. It not only allows you to take back the space they used to possess, but also adds a modern touch to your space.

Bonus? You'll always be able to find something just by looking up.

3. Consider the appliance pantry


A pantry with the sole purpose of freeing up your counter space (and hide the toaster that somehow looks atrocious regardless where it's placed on the counter)? We'll take it!

Just because you're in a tight space, doesn't mean you can't be surprised by what does fit, and how it actually makes the room look bigger, brighter, but more importantly: organized and open.

4. Utilize those walls

Tiny House Kitchen

You may be surprised with the number of kitchen items you can hang on a wall. For example, you're probably familiar with the tactic of hanging pans and lids on the wall, but this trendy life hack expands further beyond pans.

Get rid of that bamboo knife holder, and get a (strong) magnetic strip to hang your knifes on, giving you more space to be the gourmet chef you are in your mind. It doesn't get more 'gourmet chef' than that.

5. Wire racks are your best friend

Fresh Family Fun

Don't neglect storage options just because they're not conventional picks. Utilize the tops of counters and your refrigerator if you can, and remember that wire racks are here for your small kitchen.

Because you can see right through them, they are a fantastic option for organizing items and easily grabbing them when you need them most.

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