Looking for Ways Attract Fireflies to Your Yard This Summer?

Summertime means one thing and one thing only: fireflies. Whether you're a long-time lover or are just now experiencing their beauty for the first time, there's no doubt that you're infatuated and perplexed by these creatures. Small, bright, and only coming out at dusk or night; these bugs are the ones we like on summer nights--especially in comparison to their not-so-nice and biting fellow nighttime friends, otherwise known as mosquitos.

If you're noticing a lack of fireflies in your yard and miss them from your childhood, fret not! There are actually techniques and tactics you can partake in to bring the fireflies to center-stage of your backyard, and that's exactly where we want them to be.

Fireflies are the phenomenon of warmer weather, and they give us a reason to get out at nighttime and enjoy the summer breeze amongst nature's most fascinating creatures. Despite the dwindling population of fireflies in recent times, there are tricks of the trade you can try that will bring them back to your yard and glowing brighter than ever.

1. Let the Grass Grow

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Fireflies thrive in high grass areas, as it's a part of their ideal natural habitat.

According to The National Gardening Association, you should allow the perimeter of your yard to grow tall because it calls female fireflies to the long blades of grass, and gives a motive for the male fireflies to come around.

2. Install a Water Feature

Just like their fickle friend, the mosquito, fireflies love areas of moisture. Whether it be a small pond, a hanging water feature or fountain in the garden, fireflies will be sure to come around with any of the above.

Fireflies often mate where marshy areas meet streams, so if you create these conditions, you'll be sure to see fireflies galore!

3. Turn Off The Lights


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Firstly, how could you possibly see a firefly if you have lights on?! Secondly, fireflies glow to either ward off prey or find a mate.

Bright lights can throw off their natural mating rituals, so it's best to keep them off and watch them glow in the dark -- as you should!

4. Grow Flowers

The pollen and nectar of flowers feed certain species of fireflies.

Plant any flower of your choice in your yard, and see which species you can attract!

5. Ditch Pesticides

Pesticides are part of the reason the firefly population is dying out. This is sad for many reasons, mainly because they're what make summer nights, well . . . summer nights. Ditch the insecticides and you'll notice an increase of these beautiful insects in your own very yard.

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