Our 5 Favorite Brewery Wedding Venues for the Beertastic Couple

Let the wine lovers have their vineyards. With the option of a brewery wedding, craft beer lovers can tie the knot in their favorite place, with their favorite beer. Brewery weddings offer a unique alternative to the typical wedding venues that let the happy couple express themselves in a more creative way than most event spaces. Better yet, they have the best open beer bar you'll find at any wedding.

Depending upon your style, you can choose to celebrate the big day in a picturesque beer garden filled with natural light or choose an intimate setting with a view of the beer production facility itself. If you're a beer geek at heart, there's no where better to host your big day.

Here to celebrate matrimony are five breweries that want to cheers with you on your special day.

1. Boulevard Brewing Co.

Kansas City, Missouri

Boulevard Brewing Co.

One look at Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Muehlebach Suite and you'll be convinced a brewery wedding is the way to go. The room accommodates up to 225 guests and offers a picturesque view of downtown Kansas City with a gorgeous circular tiled bar serving up some of Boulevard's finest brews.

The wedding package includes beer, house wines, commercial kitchen for caterers, bartending staff, A/V equipment, and custom pint glasses for your guests. Oh, and you have the option of an indoor or terrace wedding. Whether you're a fan of sit-down dinners or like the idea of a buffet, Boulevard can make it happen.

2. Karl Strauss Brewing Company

San Diego, California

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If you're looking for a streamlined, all-in-one brewery wedding venue, Karl Strauss is it. Years ago I attended a wedding here and it was a blast. The ceremony took place on the outdoor patio that was then transformed into a dance floor for the reception. When the nuptials were over, guests didn't have to wait to start imbibing. As soon as the ceremony ended, the wedding guests walked merely a few feet inside the restaurant where they where instantly greeted by ten tap beers that featured Karl Strauss core and seasonal brews.

To streamline the event further, Karl Strauss offers an on-site coordinator so there is no need to worry about things going wrong on the big day. In between the beverage service and tasty meal options, this venue pretty much has it all for private events.

Oh, and if you're worried about pictures, the quaint garden setting features a Koi pond and waterfall. So while all you're guests are munching on coconut shrimp Hors D' Oeuvres and drinking Red Trolley, you and your partner can sneak away for an intimate photo shoot.

3. Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Houston, Texas

Saint Arnold Brewing

Love Saint Arnold? Why not get hitched there. Saint Arnold rents out The Beer Hall and Investors Pub to wedding parties big or small. Whether you're keeping it intimate or are inviting over 350 of your friends, relatives, and then some, their location can accommodate your needs.

The Beer Hall features 28 picnic tables of communal seating for the more informal wedding reception, while The Investors Pub offers a more intimate setting. They also offer in-house catering so there's no need to worry about whether or not your caterers arrive on time. There's also no need to stuff bags of Jordan mints because Saint Arnold offers customized pint glasses.

Supposedly, they also offer wedding services at GABF each year. The ceremony, of course, is performed by a minister dressed as Saint Arnold of Metz.

4. Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

Escondido, California

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When it comes to a brewery wedding, it can't get any better than Stone's stunning one-acre beer garden. The beautifully groomed landscape includes tranquil water features, natural stone walls, fruit trees, garden herbs, and a quaint stone bridge along the babbling brook.

Depending upon your needs there are a few packages offered that will take the hassle out of planning. The ceremony package can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 150 guests, while Stone provides everything you'll need from a bouquet of white flowers to full event staff. The reception package includes an extensive selection of Stone's craft beer along with a mouthwatering menu by their award winning chefs. You simply can't go wrong with that.

5. Revolution Brewing

Chicago, Illinois

Instagram: Revolution Brewing

If you're looking for the brewery production vibe at your wedding, Revolution Brewing has it. The taproom features long windows that overlook the production facility so you can celebrate the big day amongst fermenters. The taproom rental requires a minimum of 150 guests with a few different packages to choose from. Each offers a food menu tailored to your tastes as well as beer needs. With The Star Beer Experience package, you're guests have full access to an open bar of all the Revolution beers on tap - minus barrel aged.

If elegance is more your thing, Revolution has that, too. Their Brewer's Lounge is sophisticatedly decorated with dark wood and brick walls that make for a beautiful wedding photography backdrop. The Brewer's Lounge also has three food options for those that either like to mingle, leisurely make their way through the courses, or are looking for Revolution's pub fare favorites.

Do you have a favorite brewery wedding venue? Let us know!

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