The 5 Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans Under $50 for the Grill or the Oven

Pizza is the perfect meal. Piled high with vegetables, it can be a healthier pie with a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil as the pizza sauce and fresh basil on top. For the nights when you just want a comforting pizza recipe, top it with your favorite marinara sauce recipe and mounds of mozzarella cheese. When it comes down to it, the best pan pizza is one that is easily whipped together. This year, we're looking for the best cast iron pizza pans to create a skillet pizza with a golden brown crust and a smoky flavor that only comes from cooking with cast iron.

These pans are also perfect for cooking more than just pizza. Season your veggies, fry a few eggs, and even grill your chicken and kabobs with these iron cookware necessities. From the stovetop to the backyard grill, these great pans do it all.

1. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Baking and Pizza Pan

cast iron pizza pan

This 14-inch cast iron pizza pan is the heavy duty cookware perfect for grilling your veggies or whipping up the most savory homemade pizza. Lodge Manufacturing Company is synonymous with quality, and Lodge cast iron has some of the best non-stick coating in the game, especially when you're handling a hot pan.

The seasoned pan creates that fresh taste from cast iron cookware while making the cooking and cleaning process more efficient. Snag this certified Amazon's Choice Lodge pizza pan for just $33.94 with free shipping included.

2. California Home Goods Cast Iron Pizza Pan

cast iron pizza pans

It's another 14-inch cast iron pan made for your convenience. This pan is seasoned perfectly to create that homemade crispy pizza crust we all desire. The vegetable oil formula allows you to cook pizza, pancakes, and more!

A cast iron skillet is perfect for pizza because its heat retention earns a perfect crust while melting the cheese just right in a hot oven. The tomato sauce stays thick and warm for the perfect pizza night. This pan is on sale for 17 percent off making it just $24.95.

3. Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan


Make a pizza from scratch or heat one up on this cast iron pan. Another seasoned gem, this pan creates that old Italian tasting pizza dough right in your kitchen so you don't have to go too far. Bake, boil, or fry your goods and serve them up with a savory taste and crispy crust.

A great pizza pan creates the best crust at high temperatures, and this go-to pan does just that. On sale for 64 percent off making it only $24.99this is a high quality kitchen upgrade for a professional-tasting cast iron skillet pizza.

4. Utopia Kitchen Reversible Cast Iron Pizza Pan Grill and Griddle


This reversible 13.5-inch griddle and pan is great if you need to change up your surfaces. No olive oil or cooking oil required, the seasoned pan seeps that iron taste into your food for added taste to ensure you're making the best pizza on the block.

You can grill up sandwiches and cook multiple things at once on the wider cooking surface, too! The pan is $49.76, a small price to pay for perfect pizza.

5. Pizza Stone Solid Cast Iron Pan


This 15-inch ultra-durable pan is known for being indestructible and can cook on gas, ceramic, induction, and electric surfaces. It's another seasoned pan conveniently made for easy cooking and easy hand wash. Who needs a pizza peel with wide handles like those?

Cooking with this pan is a healthy alternative to cooking with other surface pans. You'll never need sheets of parchment paper for the pan again. Shop this now for 25 percent off and get it for $40.95.

Whichever you choose, these pans are known for performance and durability, especially at high heat. Get the best of the best with these good quality kitchen tools to make delicious homemade pizza that tastes like it was just delivered from the local pizzeria. Amore and pizza, please!

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