The 43 Combinations That Make the Best Sandwiches Ever

What's not to love about a sandwich? It's a classic combination of meat, cheese, and bread that is so customizable it doesn't need any of those ingredients! Vegetarian? Skip the meat! Lactose intolerant? A great aioli is better than cheese, anyway. On a no-gluten diet? Use peppers as your bread! The best sandwiches are the ones that allow you to use your imagination so long as you follow one simple rule: if you can't pick it up, it's not a sandwich.

We dive into some of our favorite sandwich combinations that are both classic, original, and controversial.

1. Cheese + Bread

Ah, grilled cheese. When I was younger, this was the only thing I would eat without throwing a fit! It still has a place in my heart to this day, although I've graduated from white bread and American cheese to sourdough and aged cheddar.

Mix it up a little bit and top your sandwich with Granny Smith apple slices for a nice, fresh bite compared to cheddar.

2. Macaroni & Cheese + Bread

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Why not take grilled cheese to the next level? Instead of using cheese as the filling, load it up with Mac & Cheese and grill away. Decadent and delicious.

3. Avocado + Toast

We would be remiss if we didn't mention avocado toast. Eat it with an egg or not, it's delicious either way!

4. Tomato + Basil + Mozzarella

A caprese sandwich is even better than a caprese salad because you can pick it up and eat it! This sandwich makes me look forward to tomato season every year. Every good sandwich shop has a panini like this on the menu.

5. Roasted Broccoli + Ricotta + Mayo

No. 7 Subs in New York City became famous for this sandwich. It's simple and yet classic: softly roasted broccoli with salty ricotta and mayonnaise to hold it all together. Perfection in NYC, this great sandwich combination might change your life.

6. Peanut Butter + Banana + Bacon

The Elvis favorite! Because why would you want boring old Peanut Butter and Jelly if you could eat peanut butter and bacon instead? Serve with dill pickles on the side because don't knock it until you try it.

7. Banana + Mayo

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If you think the peanut butter and bacon thing is too weird, try Dale Earnhardt's favorite sandwich instead. Buyer beware: apparently, this sandwich has made the Internet angry!

8. Egg + Celery + Mayonnaise

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Egg. Salad. Sandwich. That's all you need to say and I'm in. It's classic, it's delicious, and it's ultimately satisfying.

9. Egg + Cream Cheese + Bagel

I love a classic breakfast sandwich. There's something magical about the way that a cooked egg melts into cream cheese that melts into a bagel. All the melts. Add avocado and bacon, and I can't even...

10. Smoked Salmon + Tomato + Capers + Onion + Everything Bagel

As much as I love eggs on bagels, the New Yorker in me loves smoked salmon and bagels just as much. Top it off with juicy tomatoes, salty capers, and thinly sliced onions and I'm set for the day!

11. Cornmeal + Fish + Tartar Sauce

I love a good fried fish sandwich. Dredge your fish in cornmeal, fry it up, and serve it with a homemade tartar sauce (and maybe some hot sauce, too).

12. Tuna Salad + Melted Cheddar Cheese + Pickles

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Take your normal, boring tuna salad and heat it up with some cheddar cheese. What is it now? Transformed into the all popular tuna melt. Add some crunchy pickles for texture and I'm a happy camper.

13. Lobster + Butter + Aioli + Brioche

Ah, the Lobster Roll, how you have often stolen my heart. Sometimes I order a second one right after I finish the first one, it's that good. You don't have to be in Maine to enjoy this one, either.

14. Fried Oysters + Remoulade

The po'boy sandwich is classic with shrimp, but the newest latest trend is to use fried oysters instead. They fry up just as crispy but are creamy on the inside. Yum!

15. Beef + Au Jus

No sandwich is more classic than a French dip. Piled high with beef and nothing else, all you need is a good roll and a hot bowl of au jus.

16. Beef + Giardiniera

OK, maybe the Italian beef sandwich can rivel the French dip. Instead of dipping the sandwich, the thinly sliced beef is reheated in its cooking juices and topped with Chicago style pickled vegetables.

17. Roast Beef + Cheddar + Horseradish

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Another sandwich that is good whether it's hot or cold (although I do love me some melted cheddar cheese). Throw on some horseradish sauce and I'm set!

18. Steak + Peppers + Melted Cheese

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The Philadelphia cheesesteak has a lot of rules, so it has to come on a specific roll and use cheese wiz. Personally, I like any combination of savory steak, soft peppers, and melty cheese. But, I'm not from Philly!

19. Hamburger + Cheese + Rye Bread

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Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a smooshed hamburger, supremely melty and squished between two slices of rye.

20. Hamburger + Ramen

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This one is definitely out there, but with the recent ramen craze, anything is possible! Why not eat a burger sandwiched between ramen patties?

21. Meatballs + Marinara + Pesto + Mozzarella

My favorite pasta, in sandwich form! Because you can't pick up pasta with your hands and eat it if you want to be civilized.

22. Pastrami + Mustard Rye

That's all you need, it's so simple it's delicious. Pile it high, my friends.

23. Corned Beef + Swiss Cheese + Sauerkraut + Russian Dressing

Everything I love about a pastrami and rye sandwich, just elevated to ooey-gooey level by the melty cheese and that addictive Russian dressing (fancy sauce, anyone?).

24. Lamb + Feta + Tzatziki + Cucumbers + Tomatoes + Pita

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I started out with lamb + pita, but it's really not the same without feta and tzatziki. Or cucumbers and tomatoes. This pita wrap will have you going back for more!

25. Falafel + Tahini + Cucumbers + Tomatoes

The vegetarian counterpart to the gyro sandwich, a falafel sandwich always makes me feel pretty good about myself for making healthy choices.

26. Turkey + Avocado

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Talk about a classic, it's hard to hate on a sandwich piled high with turkey and creamy avocado. It doesn't hurt that it's healthy, too!

27. Turkey + Cranberry + Stuffing + Mashed Potatoes

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Ah, the gobbler. The best part of Thanksgiving leftovers! If you haven't had mashed potatoes on a sandwich, this year is going to be your year.

28. Ham + Cheese + Baguette

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The ham and cheese is a hard one to beat. Choose your cheese (my favorite is brie) and a crusty baguette and you won't be disappointed.

29. French Toast + Ham + Fried Egg + Gruyere + Bechamel Sauce

Take the Croque Monsieur to the next level and replace the bread with french toast. Maybe serve it with a side of maple syrup, because why not?

30. Pulled Pork + BBQ Sauce + Pickles + Coleslaw

A traditional pork sandwich at any good barbecue joint. This is also my favorite sandwich for a backyard picnic!

31. Pulled Pork + Ham + Mustard + Gruyere

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It's hard not to order the Cuban sandwich anytime I see it on a menu. Especially if it's on a classic Cuban roll!

32. Salami + Capicola + Ham + Provolone + Italian Dressing + Shredded Lettuce

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An Italian sub (or hoagie, depending on where you live) is pretty amazing both hot or cold. Just make sure you use shredded lettuce, that watery crunch is key!

33. Cured Meats + Cheese + Olive Spread

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The muffuletta originated in New Orleans, but luckily they're easy to find everywhere these days! Any charcuterie meats will do in this salty favorite.

34. Pork Belly + Lemon Caper Mayonnaise

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Porchetta sandwiches are all the rave, and they're just not the same without lemon caper mayonnaise. The tangy, salty dressing cuts through the richness of the pork belly, making a perfect combination.

35. Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato

The classic BLT is hard to pass up. There's something about that smokey, salty bacon combined with a savory slice of tomato and some crisp lettuce. I think I'm drooling...

36. Bacon + Lettuce + Avocado + Tomato

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Take the BLT to the next level and make it a BLAT: creamy avocado really ties the sandwich together.

37. Fried Green Tomatoes + Bacon

I love a classic BLT, but this is my new favorite twist! Before tomatoes are in season, why not fry them up and enjoy them on a sandwich?

38. Green Beans + Green Beans + Hard Boiled Egg + Parmesan Cheese

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If you're thinking this one sounds weird, take a trip to Meat, Cheese, Bread in Portland, OR. This sandwich made them famous (and for good reason!).

39. Pate + Pickled Vegetables + Cilantro + Sriracha Aioli

Banh Mi are seriously trendy these days, but all you really need for this classic sandwich is pate, some quick pickled vegetables, fresh, herbaceous cilantro, and some spicy dressing. Add on chicken or pulled pork if you wish!

40. Breaded Chicken (Or, Eggplant) + Marinara + Mozzarella

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The Parmaginana sandwich is so classic, it doesn't matter if it's chicken or eggplant, I'm happy.

41. Fried Chicken + Bacon + Cheese + Sauce

The KFC Double Down sandwich definitely breaks sandwich borders - there bread is fried chicken! Just don't blame us when you reach your daily sodium limit in one serving.

42. Chicken + Waffle

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This may not be a classic chicken sandwich, but it should be a new classic! Replace your bread with waffles and you won't be disappointed.

43. Leftover Pizza + Waffle Maker

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Speaking of waffles: Can you really call the waffle maker a sandwich ingredient? Well, I just did. Take two slices of leftover pizza and heat them in the waffle maker with the cheese facing together. Boom: instant sandwich with your favorite pizza toppings

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