These 4 Movie Theaters Have the Best Concessions You Could Ask For

If the thought of eating cold nachos while watching a movie makes you feel queasier than sitting through the next feature film based off a Marvel comic, you're not alone. Concessions served at movie theaters are notoriously stomach-turning. Or at least they have been.

All over America, theaters are popping up where the fantasy of a gourmet dinner being served during a movie is is becoming a reality. With ultra-luxurious seating and delicious menus, the concept of "dining in the dark" has taken hold and is showing no signs of stopping.

Don't believe us? Let yourself be surprised. Put aside your childhood memories of movie theater snacks and visit one of these four theaters to see how "concession stands" have upped their game.

1. Alamo Drafthouse

Ever since Alamo Drafthouse opened in Austin in 1997, its popularity has taken the the city by storm. However, only recently have they given the rest of the country the opportunity to experience their innovative approach to movies by opening locations in Brooklyn, Arizona, California, Virginia, and Missouri. And for that you should be thankful.

If it happens that you have the good fortune to live in one of these cities, then you should immediately plan a date night to the Drafthouse. With quote-alongs, comedy spoofs, and cult films galore, a night out at the Alamo Drafthouse is sure to be so much more than just your typical "dinner and a movie".

2. iPic Theaters

Spending an evening at an iPic Theater is like having a full service restaurant in a home theater. Especially, if you splurge for their "premium-plus" tickets.

With these tickets you'll be allowed to cocoon in your own pod with pillow and blankets, order unlimited popcorn, and have a waitress take your order with the push of a button. You may find that you enjoy the experience so much that you'll stay for a double feature!

3. Violet Crown Cinema

The Violet Crown may just wear the crown in terms of luxury dinner-and-a-movie venues. Known for its screenings of independent and international films, the Violet Crown is a must for any movie buff.

Plus, when you visit you can enjoy their custom cocktail bar and it sinfully comfortable recliners. It may actually be the most indulgent movie experience that you ever treat yourself to.

4. Movie Tavern

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Movies, meals, and margaritas. Three things that sound good on their own, but may be even better when enjoyed together. Get ready to be re-acquainted with the idea of dinner and a movie with a visit to a Movie Tavern.

These theaters are on a mission to provide fresh, chef-inspired food and drinks that transform a movie into an experience.

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