28 Animal Kitchen Items Under $25 Because You Cook Like a Beast

Kitchen utensils and items can be so dreary. Everything is stainless steel, grey, or black. Your kitchen doesn't have to be a boring place filled with uninteresting objects - make it an extension of yourself or someone you love one step at a time with these x adorable kitchen items. The best part? They're all under $30.

Let someone know you're thinking of them, or treat yourself to these cute kitchen items.

1. For the purrfect pal,


Who needs regular tongs when you can have cat tongs?

Snatch them here!

2. For the tricky chef,


Most soup ladles are boring. This Loch Ness Monster ladle is not.

Slither your way to it here.

3. For the Parrothead,


Do you know someone who eternally lives in Margaritaville? Do you wish it was always 5 o'clock somewhere?

Find this parrot wine and bottle opener and stopper cork here.

4. For the punny one,


Hedgehogs make grate pets. See what I did there?

Find the cheese grater here.

5. For the pasta pal,


You know what everyone needs? A fun pasta scooper that actually works. Luckily with Fred, you get both.

Find him here.

6. For the angry baker,


Not all bakers are angry, but all bakers can become angry. Break the tension of broken soufflés (hey it happens) with this gorilla whisk.

Find the whisk of your dreams here.

7. For the ocean-obsessed,


You know what's nice about this strainer? It fits every pot and pan, with no problem. Simply hold against said pan and let Moby Dick do the work.

Find the whale of your dreams here.

8. For the crustacean companion,


You know how lobsters mate for life? Let your mate know you want them to protect their hands for life with these heat-resistant silicon pot holders.

Find the pinchers here.

9. For the squirrel girl (or guy),


These squirrel-shaped spoons are perfect for rice, oatmeal, or dare we say, porridge! The best part? They stand up on their own.

Find the squirrels here.

10. For the monster masher,


You know what's always bulky and never fits in your utensil drawer? A regular potato masher. You know what looks delightful on your kitchen counter? This monster masher.

Find the mash-tastic green guy here.

11. For the pizza partier,


This monkey pizza cutter is almost more excited about that hot, delicious pizza than you are!

Find the happy-go-lucky pizza cutter here.

12. For the one you love beary much,


Prevent burnt fingertips and palms with these bear oven mitts that will delight everyone who wears them

How can you resist the call of the wild? Find them here.

13. For the vegetable lover,


If anyone loves vegetables so much, they probably need a little fun in their lives. Inject it with this cute bird peeler!

Find the nifty kitchen tool here.

14. For the pancake connoisseur,


What makes breakfast better? Bear-shaped pancakes, that's what.

Find the bear pancake pan here.

15. For the philosopher,


Who knows if the chicken or the egg came first, all that matters is that these dry measuring cups bring a smile to someone's face.

Find the set here.

16. For the timekeeper,


Make waiting on the oven more cute and fun with this adorable cat kitchen timer because who doesn't love precious kitty eyes!

Find the cat here.

17. For the duck buds,


Tell your favorite person that you fit together like this duck colander and bowl set, or just get 'em for yourself because they're adorable and functional.

Find the ducks here.

18. For the pork lovers,


This pig can opener adds a splash of color to your sad, grey utensil drawer.

Find the can opener here.

19. For the bonehead,


Just kidding! This fish wishbone soap dish is perfect for the fishermen and women, those who like the color blue, and anyone who lives by the bar of soap.

It's even perfect for the shower! Find it here.

20. For the feline-inclined,


I'm sorry, but WHO WANTS CAT CUBES?! I couldn't help myself and you probably can't either, right?

Find the cat ice cube tray here.

21. For the marine biologists,


Help save the whales one party at a time with these reusable toothpicks and whale holder set.

Find the practical and practically free set here.

22. For the secret genius,


Acknowledge your loved one's (or your) secret genius with this tactile octopus coffee mug.

Find the sneaky mug here.

23. For the forgetful fact-checker,


Help someone you know stay organized by also reminding them what they are when they forget things with these animal arse magnets.

Find the set here.

24. For the elegant cleaner,


This elegant elephant ring holder will look divine right next to the sink in all its copper glory.

Find the figurine here.

25. For the foxy pair,


These salt and pepper shakers go together like a happier ending of The Fox and the Hound.

Find the pair here.

26. For the believer,


Brighten anyone's day or your desk with this unicorn mug because everyone needs to believe in something, right?

Find the mug here.

27. For the meat eater,


Who said meat tenderizers need to be boring? Go ape for some freshly pounded chicken or beef.

Find the tenderizer here.

28. For the long-neck lovers,


Who doesn't love giraffes? Take advantage of those long necks with this giraffe paper towel holder.

Find the holder here.

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