21 Super Bowl Food Recipes That'll Surely Score a Touchdown on Sunday

With the Super Bowl around the corner, it is time to train for the big day and get your arsenal of Super Bowl food off the bench and into the end zone. The Super Bowl is a party filled with seven layer dip, buffalo chicken dip, spinach artichoke dip, pulled pork, and loaded nachos. These quick, easy, and super scrumptious recipes will be all you need to score points with your favorite football fans on game day.

We have composed a list of 21 touchdown-worthy snacks that will keep all you and your friends well fed while you cheer on your favorite teams.

1. Slow Cooker Cheesy Bacon and Onion Dip

Bacon, cheese, and fresh onions come together in your slower cooker with this recipe that all your guests will be ready to dip their chips in.

2. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Two Peas and Their Pod

Start with store-bought pizza dough or make your own, in this recipe that makes everyone's favorite, pepperoni pizza, bite-sized and dip-able.

Pizza dip is so last year for the biggest football game of the season.

3. Frosted Peanut Butter Football Cookies

Betty Crocker

This fool-proof recipe will have your guests eyeing the end zone for a chance to sink their teeth into these peanut butter-y, chocolate frosted, football cookies.

4. Beer-Candied Bacon

Everyone's two favorite Super Bowl treats, beer and bacon, will tackle hunger in this sweet and savory recipe.

Score some extra points with your guests by serving these crispy bacon strips upright in a tumbler glass or beer stein.

5. Easy Potato Skins


This classic appetizer recipe combines moist and crunchy potatoes, cheddar cheese, and bacon to help your party carbo-load between innings.

When it comes to Super Bowl recipes, throw some blue cheese on top of these loaded potato skins once they come out of the oven for a nice kick. Serve with ranch dressing, obviously.

6. Buffalo Fried Cauliflower

Sneak some cauliflower into your guests mouth with this healthy, yet indulgent recipe with a kick.

These are the serious Super Bowl appetizers that will satisfy even the pickiest player.

7. Spicy Mango Guacamole

Real Food with Drama

This recipe combines the tropical flavors of mango with fresh jalapeños to liven up your usual guacamole routine.

Serve with taquitos for a surprise full of spicy goodness that's the perfect game day fuel.

8. S'mores Brownies

Betty Crocker

Tackle any sweet tooth with this recipe that combines the campfire favorite of melty s'mores with the velvet richness of chocolate brownies.

Or you could top with chocolate chip cookie dough or ice cream because on Super Bowl Sunday, shame does not exist.

9. Pepperoni Football


What better way to watch a football game than with a cheese ball covered in pepperoni?

This recipe will have your guests huddled around the snack table for a chance to score some of this ultra cheese-y, pepperoni-topped dip on their chip.

10. Beer Brats with Sauerkraut, Onions, and Jalapeños


Fire-up your grill watch all your friends drool over this Dijon-dripping, coriander-infused, hand-held touch down of a recipe.

Think bacon-wrapped hot dogs, but better.

11. Homemade Sausage Rolls

Recipe Tin Eats

Start with store-bought puff pastry, then fill with bacon-y sausage goodness, and watch as this recipe has your guests cheering with approval.

12. Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings

Come on, we couldn't make a Super Bowl snack list without chicken wings, we wouldn't do that to y'all. Buffalo chicken wings are so 2015 and we prefer to eat our buffalo chicken in the form of crowd-pleasing dip anyways.

This BBQ sauce recipe combines honey with indulgent bourbon to make an extra sticky, sweet glaze that will end up smeared all over your mouth and hands, but you won't care, you'll be well into a food coma by then.

13. Easy Fresh Fruit Dessert Pizza


Using a store-bought, softened pie crust, cream cheese, and the assorted fruit of your choice, this super simple recipe will surely score you some serious points in the fourth quarter.

14. Mini Lasagna Cups

Damn Delicious

What's better than pippin' hot, fresh out of the oven lasagna?

Hand-held, dip-able, lasagna cups! This recipe is sure to please with its petite size and nosh-ability. Add some ground beef to the sauce for a meaty surprise.

15. Creamy Crab Dip

Luscious crab meat, sour cream, and fresh lemon juice combine to make the perfect dip for any chip in this delicious recipe.

16. Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef

The Kitchn

With this recipe that guarantees to feed at least 15 people, all you'll need is some taco fixins' to ensure that your Super Bowl party is the ultimate snack destination.

You can even swap in some shredded cheese if that's what you have on-hand.

17. Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños


This recipe combines fresh garlic, zesty jalapeños, indulgent bacon, and pepper jack cheese to create some of the best jalapeño poppers you will have the pleasure of popping into your mouth.

This is the ultimate comfort food - forget jalapeño popper dip.

18. The Ultimate Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos

Serious Eats

Let your veggie-loving friends get their grub on with this recipe that is stacked high with freshly fried tortillas chips, chili, refried beans, and roasted tomato salsa.

Don't be surprised when the carnivores get a penalty for stealing.

19. Spanakopita

Lemons for Lulu

This recipe combines all the crunch and creamy, spinach-y goodness of the usual spanakopita but simplified.

Instead of wrapped each individual pocket, just pile everything in the middle of the phyllo dough and wrap up the edges. The spanakopita is the new baked Brie - we're calling it.

20. Oven-Roasted Chickpeas

Made with canned chickpeas and a variety of tantalizing spices, this recipe is the ultimate pop-some-crunch-in-your-mouth finger food.

21. Pull-Apart Touchdown Cupcakes

Food Network

What better way to keep your friends on the edge of their seats until half time, than with this football-themed cupcake masterpiece?

This recipe will combines your sweet tooth and love of football to keep hunger pangs on the bench. Dessert egg rolls are way too much work compared to these.

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