20 Tantalizing Chicken Breast Recipes to Break Out of Your Dinner Rut

The incredible, edible chicken. Get out of your dinner rut and start expanding your horizons. Chicken's best feature is, by far, is versatility. In almost every international cuisine, chicken stands alone in its own category dedicated to making our poultry pal taste the best.

If you're here, then you want to make chicken the star of your dish. Here are 20 recipes that will help you do just that.

1. Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan
No Recipes

It's actually Chicken Parmigiana, but we're not in Italy so let's enjoy the recipe at hand.

2. Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Slow Cooker
The Kitchn

Fire up the slow cooker and let the chicken take on all the flavors and spices that pack a punch.

Get the recipe here.

3. Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

Fry up these beauties and have a feast you never imagined. And please use blue cheese, the people who use ranch out there, we know who you are.

Get the recipe here.

4. Chicken Spinach and Artichoke Panini

chicken Spinach and artichoke panini
Center Cut Cook

I love the dip, so the sandwich is sure to please. Who could say no to that picture?

Get the recipe here.

5. Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon-Wrapped, Jalape\u00f1o Popper-Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts Recipe
Serious Eats

This speaks for itself. Enjoy the recipe!

6. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Whether you're familiar with this great soup or not, this recipe is classic, simple, and let's the chicken be engulfed in the flavors of tradition.

7. Chicken Bacon Roulades

Chicken Bacon Roulades (photo)
Simply Recipes

Transform that regular chicken breast into a rolled masterpiece of flavor.

Get the recipe here.

8. Chicken Spaghetti

Image result for chicken spaghetti
Food Network

This is a special, oh so creamy alternative to the spaghetti of the past.

Get the recipe here.

9. Chicken Chili Verde

chicken chili verde
La Pena En La Cocina

This amazing combination can be served over rice, in a taco, to make enchiladas or even just as a stand-alone meal!

Get the recipe here.

10. Chicken and Dumplings

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings | Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen | BEST #homemade #chickenanddumplings recipe. Provides "from scratch" directions on making #homemade #noodle #dumplings. #soup #chicken
Can't Stay Out The Kitchen

Comfort food at its finest. I feel in this new culinary world, a dish like this gets lost in the mix.

Check out this recipe and do your part in reviving it.

11. Lemon Chicken Piccatta

creamy lemon chicken piccatta
The Recipe Critic

Robust flavor and the best part? This recipe only uses one pot, making it definite time saver and stomach filler.

Get the recipe here.

12. Chicken Parm Pizza

Photo of Quality Italian - New York, NY, United States. Quality Parm-Pizza
Yelp/(Michellle L)

Now this is something to get excited about! Chicken as the pizza crust, can you even imagine?!

Watch the video and learn to make this recipe.

13. Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Chicken Shawarma
The Gourmet RD

Let the ingredients do the work and enjoy the tastes of another culture.

Get the recipe here.

14. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

buffalo chicken meatballs
Peace Love & Low-Carb

Blue cheese is eons better than Ranch. Remember that when making this recipe.

15. Chicken Gumbo

Chicken Gumbo
Living Life Cajun Style

Who doesn't love a good gumbo?

Get the recipe here.

16. Chicken, Spinach, and Egg Skillet

chicken spinach skillet

Definitely a random array of ingredients, but still tasty nonetheless.

Get the recipe here.

17. Smothered Chicken Biscuit

Smothered Chicken Biscuit
Tomatoes On The Vine

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Hungry. This is a win for all occasions.

Get the recipe here.

18. Chicken Salad

The Best Classic Chicken Salad Recipe
Serious Eats

Chicken and herbs and spice. Oh my!

Get the recipe here.

19. Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken
Scratch To Plate

This recipe will completely wake up your tastebuds to something so delicious, it'll be in your dinner rotation every week.

Get the recipe here.

20. Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Chicken mushroom risotto

Last, but definitely not least. Chef Gordon Ramsay would be proud.

Get the recipe here.

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