20 Baffled Kids Who Just Don't Like Their Food That Much

These faces say it all, being a kid is hard, your parents and loved ones are always trying to get you to eat gross things like peas or plain carbonated water. These kids' faces prove that sometimes you just need to let the disgust show on your face and hope that the next food that you put in your mouth tastes better.

Kids, I promise, one day, food will taste delicious.

1. This poor kid. I've never had a bad plate of pasta, but after seeing this picture I believe it's possible.

2. This mac 'n cheese obviously needs more cheese to make this poor kid turn that frown up-side-down.

Who would torture this kid with cheese-less mac 'n cheese anyway?

Wasnt aloud to stab the kitchen table while eating pasta. #kidscrying

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3. I won't have whatever she's having. The look on her face says it all, why are we even trying to enjoy this?

Mukanyaa ?? #cuteniece #lovelyniece #sourorangejuice #kidsfunnyfaces

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4. Candy is supposed to be a fun road trip snack, but whatever sour powder this kid just ate is an obvious fail.

Eating sour candy his face had me laughing so hard @imknoturtypebitch

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5. Scrambled eggs are an American breakfast staple, but this little guy can't seem to stomach them.

We've discovered Max is not a fan of scrambled eggs ? #mryuck #yuckface #babysfirstfoods #blw #6monthsold #26weeksold

A photo posted by Caitlyn D. O'Grady (@crazyleoillady) on

6. Healthy, fresh squeezed juice? That face is a big no thanks.

7. Pizza crust, there's a reason some people just throw it away. Give me the cheesy, saucy goodness please.

#cohenwg has no idea what to do with pizza crust. #yuckface

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8. This kid is trying to pull the spoon out of her mouth. Yeah, it's that bad.

But mom I hate this food #notabananafan #babyfood #ilovelucy #littlelulu #babymess #yuckface

A photo posted by Kailey (@kailzzie) on

9. Air out those taste buds kid. Someone get this little guy a juice box.

10. This kid is not a fan of broccoli. That face says it all, Why would you do this to me?

11. Parents, this seems a little cruel, but I guess everyone has to try a lemon eventually.

Baby Samuel tried a lemon #yuckface

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12. Diet food is a no-go for this kid. Get him some chocolate milk, so he can free his taste buds from this nastiness.

13. I don't even know what this kid ate, but from the look on this her face, I don't want to have anything to do with it.

14. Poor kid, there's better breakfast food than oatmeal, one day, I promise, you'll get to try them.

Favorite food? NOT oatmeal cereal. #poorbrother #yuckface #hehatesit

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15. Plain carbonated water, is this a joke? Some things just need sugar.

Eli's face when I gave him carbonated water instead of soda! #yuckface #bamboozled #wthdad #priceless

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16. An avocado-hater! Just wait until you try guacamole, kid. Your whole world will change.

#avocadohater #yuckface #funnybabyfaces #grossedout

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17. This little girl is doing the this-is-so-gross dance, because mushed up carrots are never a good thing.

#Nocarrotsmomma #yuckface #carrots #funny #cute #mixedbaby #homemade

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18. Another carrot hater, I promise that there are delicious ways to get your vitamin C.

Not having it #carrothater #yuckface

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19. This kid's first taste of a blood orange went terribly wrong, maybe you should stick to the orange ones kid.

Baby's first blood orange! ? #funnybabyfaces #citrusfruit

A video posted by Summer (Beretsky) Bukeavich (@summerberetsky) on

20. When applesauce is the enemy at snack time. This face is a cry for cookies.

Applesauce: friend or foe? ?????#thestruggleisreal #babyfood #funnybabyfaces ??

A photo posted by Michelle Engstler Warden (@michellewarden) on

Do you have any kid-food-testing gone wrong? We'd love to see your photos!

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