2 Texas Restaurants Land on Bon Appetit's Top 50 Restaurant List

Bon Appetit released their list of the hottest new restaurants in America, and what do you know? Not one, but two restaurants from deep in the heart of sweet, sweet Texas have made the cut. The best part about living in a city is the vastly expanding culinary scene. No matter where you are, near or far, you can rest assured on the fact that there will always be a new up-and-coming restaurant in your hood.

That sentiment remains true for Austin, Texas, which has two new restaurants in town that have made it into the top 50 new restaurants not only in Austin or Texas alone, but throughout the entire country. Whoa. Let's collectively reflect on that for a second, here.

Two restaurants in the same state AND the same city are on this list. Do you know what that means? It means this news isn't to be taken lightly, and that there's something delectably delicious being cooked up at both of these joints.

June's All Day

First, there's June's All Day, which boasts of modern American craftiness in all that they do. The vibe combines the best parts of a small French bakery set in funky, modern America. Alas, it's time to let your mind and imagination go to work.  Restauranteurs Larry McGuire and Tom Moorman, who are responsible for bringing the workings of Clark's Oyster Bar to life, have stepped it up a notch and given the name of the restaurant game a colorful twist. 

Boasting with the old-school charm you love about old-school diners and mixing it with the contemporary flavors that capture 'modern American', and you have June's All Day. This place is perfect for a morning scone (seriously, their baked goods are to die for) and a cup of coffee on your way into the office, yet offers a place for colleagues to get together and blow off some post-work steam.

If you want to get in at June's on the weekend, it's best to make a reservation to ensure a short wait time for a table, and an even shorter wait time for one of their delightful baked goods. Or, you know, get a baked good and a meal. Hey, you only live once--you deserve it.

Kemuri Tatsu-ya

Flip the script, and it'll lead you to Kemuri. This place is truly unlike any other that exists on the market--at least that we know of. Mixing the vibe and flavors of a ramen restaurant with the likings of a Texas BBQ joint, and you'll end up with the idea behind Kemuri.

The chefs (or masterminds) behind the likings of Ramen Tatsu-ya have reinvented the wheel yet again, and the people of Austin are loving it. Tatsu Aikawa and Takuya Matsumoto clearly have a passion for all things ramen and all things Texas, and that love shows in every dish prepared at Kemuri. 

If you weren't a fan of brisket before, this place is sure to change your mind. Mixing ramen with this succulent meat is insane and  revolutionary; making for a mouth-watering good time. Not a ramen fan? Fear not, as Kemuri still has something up their sleeves just for you. Try your hand at the world of fried tofu by ordering the 'Hot Pocketz', served with brisket, of course!

It simply wouldn't be Texas without brisket, and that's noticeable when overviewing Kemuri's menu. But hey, you won't hear us complaining about that. So, what about the other places on this list? Do you have a favorite place that just opened up in your neck of the woods, or are you traveling somewhere and need a recommendation of where to go?

Give Bon Appetit some lovin' and check out all 50 restaurants to further ensure salivation. Go ahead, check them out. You know you're curious, and we couldn't be any curiouser than you.

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