18 Food Instagrams You Should Follow (Except When You're on a Diet)

If you don't use Instagram regularly to indulge in a good session of food porn, well besides being flabbergasted, I'm going to take this an opportunity to introduce you to the real reason that Instagram exists in our lives. Namely, beautiful imagery of food.

Warning: If you are currently on a diet, please do not continue. That is, of course, unless you have a lot of will power.

Don't assume, however, that just by typing #foodporn into the search box that you are going to discover those glorious images that you've been lusting after. Au contraire. It is actually disappointingly easy to find photos of meals that look like they came out of a college student's microwave. Thankfully, that is only because you don't know where to look. And that is why this list exists.

Here are 18 accounts that I am obsessed with. However, if you have any others that you love, please, tweet them to us. We can never get enough.

1. Fit Mitten Kitchen

Ashley, from @fitmittenkitchen, is always serving up beautiful images of her healthy eats. Who knew there was such color and vibrant variety to be consumed on a Whole30 diet?

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

2. Modest Marce

Who has ever seen roasted root vegetables look so good? Well, clearly Marce from @modestmarce did. She noticed a gap in the market and decided to fill the void. Thanks to her, we all now know that the simplest of ingredients can look outstanding.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

3. Not Without Salt

For no other reason than cake.

A post shared by Not Without Salt (@ashrod) on

Can you believe only one bite was taken out of this cardamom plum jam cake!? Just look at it.

Now, imagine how good @ashrod's other food looks.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

4. Spoon Fork Bacon

Roasted Delicata + Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza bc it's a ? + ? kinda day ☔️?☔️

A post shared by spoonforkbacon (@spoonforkbacon) on

This LA duo concocts original recipes that redefine comfort food. Thank goodness, because sometimes, despite your best intentions to eat healthy, you're going to go for the pizza. You can thank @spoonforkbacon for helping you out.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

5. Marcus Nilsson

Back to work #realitycheck

A post shared by Marcus Nilsson (@pissinginthepunchbowl) on

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a food stylist's photo shoot? Well @pissinginthepunchbowl will give you that sneak peak behind the scenes.

Go check out the beautiful imagery here.

6. Baked By Rachel

@bakedbyrachel shows you what it really looks like to cook as a mom of three. It involves a lot of pizza, but dang does it looks good.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

7. Wander Cooks

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to up your cooking game with the @wandercooks. These two ladies are making strides when it comes to broadening your pallet. I mean, oysters with crispy bacon?

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

8. Bell & Basket

Real life and real food take the front seat with @bellandbasket. Michelle Berg is a mere hobbyist, but if my dishes could look anywhere near as appetizing as hers, I'd become a professional food hobbyist tomorrow.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

9. Real Simple Good

@realsimplegood is your paleo food pit stop. And that's all I have to say. If you go take a look, you'll figure out why it's a stopping point.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

10. Rachel Mansfield

@rachlmansfield likes to make multiples of a lot of little things that look mouth-watering. After all, the more the merrier, right?

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

11. Anett Velsberg

South African food stylist @anettvelsberg loves to make food art. While everything is adorable, some things (like these panda shaped onigiris) are simply irresistible.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

12. Craig Deihl

Corned beef "Flinstone steak" @certifiedangusbeef

A post shared by Craig Deihl (@cdeihl) on

If you've ever wanted to know all the fancy things that you could possibly do with meat, tune into this channel. Trust me, I didn't know what to do with myself either when I saw all the options @cdeihl presented me with.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

13. April Bloomfield

@aprilbloomfield is the the chef at the much-talked-about, and Michelin star winning, The Spotted Pig in NYC. In fact, she was mentioned in the New Yorker in conjunction with Anthony Bourdain in an article discussing avant garde food personas. So you know anything you see coming from her account is going to be legit.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

14. Tara Miko

Roasted Rainbow Veggie Plate ???

A post shared by Tara Miko (@tmgrayless) on

This visual storyteller tells her tales with a beautiful simplicity that is unmatched. @tmgrayless features her ingredients, her processes, and her final products to make you drool with envy. And she's located locally in Austin. Maybe she'll take pity on me and share a recipe or two. Because us Austinites have to stick together, right?

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

15. A Healthy Nut

Do you like nuts? Then @a.healthy.nut's Instagram space for you. Of course more than just nuts is featured, but some of these images open a whole new door into what you can do with your almonds.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

16. Ana Maria

It's like hygge came alive onto an Italian-Romanian food fusion. Yes, it sounds complicated, but the results are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. We can all thank @ana_mariazap by commenting on her sumptuous creations.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

17. Jane Ready-Webster

A self-described budding holistic nutritionist, Jane from @readywellness_ really has a natural knack for food photography. I never knew that muted colors could look so appetizing.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

18. Wide Open Eats

every day is a good day for doughnuts via @lovetram and @crumbsdoughnuts

A post shared by Wide Open Eats (@wideopeneats) on

Duh. Because we spend our lives scouring Instagram for the best of the best.

Check out the beautiful imagery here.

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