15 Small Projects That Do Big Things for Your Kitchen

There are so many easy solutions that exist for you to painlessly update your kitchen without so much as even picking up a hammer. No matter if you are renting or own your place, sometimes you want to try out a look before fully committing. That's where small DIY kitchen projects come in handy. It's just easier to tug off a tile or roll up a rug than having to start a full-scale kitchen makeover.

So to help you customize your kitchen without spending more than a weekend on the project, here are 15 ideas so you can have the perfect kitchen.

1. Change Your Backsplash

Altering your backsplash is a classic way to freshen up your kitchen. Try using mosaics, wallpaper, or ceiling tiles. You'll be pleased with the way your kitchen instantly perks up with a new backsplash.

When it comes to DIY projects, this is one of the easier to accomplish, especially over a weekend. If you find it helped brighten up your space, consider lining your kitchen drawers and kitchen cabinets.

2. Stick-on Tile Decals

You'd be surprised to learn that you can buy adhesives that will fool even the well-trained eye into thinking you have a beautiful mosaic on your kitchen walls. Cheap and fun, stick-on tiles are an instant facelift for your kitchen.

When it comes to DIY ideas, it doesn't get much simpler than this. Mosaics can brighten and enlarge a small space, making it a worthwhile upgrade if you're concerned about kitchen space.

3. Paint Your Cabinets

You have to get landlord approval for this one if you're renting, but if you can convince them that a fresh coat of paint is a good idea, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

This DIY kitchen cabinet trick can be easily completed in a weekend, and is one of the funner kitchen ideas because it adds drama to the space.

4. Change Your Drawer Hardware

Even if you're not allowed to paint your kitchen cabinet doors, you can still switch out the hardware. Just be sure to keep the original knobs so you can replace them when it's time to move out if you're renting.

Otherwise, it's wise to save a few extra handles and knobs just in case the worst happens to your kitchen storage.

5. Hang a Valance

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Putting up window treatments immediately makes your kitchen feel more homey and welcoming. Not to mention it is an excellent renter-approved way to introduce some color into what can often be a drab rental kitchen.

6. Create Open Shelving

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Create your own open shelving by taking off the doors to your cupboards. Just make sure to keep your gorgeous dishes organized and this quick fix will leave your kitchen feeling light and airy.

This quick hack does more than just beautify your kitchen, it will also spark some organization ideas, too. You'll rethink how you stack your dishes, which is one of the smarter places to stat when reexamining your kitchen storage ideas.

7. Replace Your Cabinet Doors

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Alternatively, you could simply replace your cabinet doors. Either hang a curtain over them if you like the rustic, country look or put on glass-faced ones for a more modern touch. If you need some kitchen cabinet ideas, head over to Pinterest to poke around at other DIY-ers' successful projects.

The same kitchen cabinet hack goes for your old kitchen pantry. Consider switching out the door for a fresh-faced look. Choose a linen from recycled materials, or add in a glass-faced door so you always know what's on hand.

8. Paint the Inside

If you end up with glass-front cabinets, add a little extra interest by coloring your shelving inside. You can choose to paint them a bold color or lay some patterned wallpaper. The choice is yours!

Additionally, paint the outside of your pantry door in chalkboard paint so you always have a running grocery list that's within reach.

9. Give Yourself a Window to the World

If you don't have a window above your kitchen sink, do the next best thing and add a mirror. Mirrors will reflect light around while also making your small kitchen space look much larger.

10. Hang a Piece of Art

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Sure, art doesn't traditionally go in the kitchen, but hey, we're in the 21st century. You can put up anything you want, just make sure it shows off your personality.

11. Throw Down a Rug

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Whether it's outdated flooring or you just want some color in your kitchen, a rug is a great addition. Use a runner for galley kitchens and a small area rug for more open plan spaces.

12. Add a Plant

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There is nothing easier than putting a plant in your kitchen. They add easy color and lots life while helping filter the air.

Bonus if you plant some herbs, then you can then use in your cooking. Store your harvested herbs in small mason jars or glass bottles in your spice rack.

13. Switch Out Your Light Fixture

Installing new light fixtures is easier than you think and this little change will surprise you with its impact. The best part is that you get to take the light fixture with you when you leave.

14. Add Some Textiles

Curtains, dish towels, slip covers for your bar stools. Wherever you can add some color and pattern through textiles, you absolutely should.

Looking to distract eyes from your less-than-appealing kitchen countertops? Interesting linens and dish towels will distract from the pattern underneath.

15. Add Some Shelving

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A few holes in the wall will give you one of the best upgrades you could ask for. Extra shelving not only increases your storage space, but it also allows you to show off your best dishes to the fullest.

And you could always use the extra storage, right?

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