16 Fall Trends from Pinterest We're Already Obsessed With

Can you just taste the pumpkin spice in the air? Autumn is almost here, though most would still happily live in summer until Thanksgiving. However, as more of our favorite shops debut their pumpkin-filled masterpieces, it's hard not to get swept up with the changes, even if the fall foliage hasn't quite turned colors yet. With autumn comes autumn trends that you and everyone you know will soon be talking about.

Stay in the loop with us as we go over Pinterest's 16 fall trends predictions, per the trend report, and dive into some seriously delicious recipes.

Beers, Herb Soda, and Kefir

This autumn, Pinterest has seen an increase in beer recipes and pins on the site, up to 20 percent. Herb-infused waters and kefir soda are being pinned at a wildly growing rate as our interest moves deeper into the idea of fermentation and consuming more holistic forms of bacteria.

A kefir soda is a probiotic beverage, made from fermenting water in its forms (sugar water or coconut water) cultured by water kefir grains to create a fizzy, bacteria-filled boost.

Chocolate Porter Ice Cream

Domestic Goddess

Domestic Gothess knows the best way to highlight a heavier dark beer, a porter or a stout, is to turn it into a sweet treat. This recipe for Chocolate Porter Ice Cream will keep you cool and cozy for the rest of the year... and then some.

Find the recipe here.

Brown Ale Ice Cream with Salty Caramel and Honeyed Peanuts

Somewhere Over the Kitchen

Another winning ice cream recipe comes from Somewhere Over the Kitchen, and the salty caramel sauce is something you'll eat by the spoonful. We won't tell, we did it, too.

Find the recipe here.

Berry-Beer Popsicles

Floating Kitchen

The popularity popsicles saw this summer has reached a fever pitch, and one can imagine we'll start seeing even more popsicle recipes over the next year.

This recipe from Floating Kitchen is so easy to whip up, you can always have a batch on hand in the popsicle mold in your freezer.

Herb-Infused Water

Not Without Salt

Herb infusions have been slowly making their way into mainstream and at-home cooking since the early 2000s, though we are now finally taking full advantage of the benefits of flavor.

This recipe from Not Without Salt is so simple, you'll add it to your regular rotation.

Orange Kefir Soda Pop

Fermented Food Lab

This effervescent orange recipe from Fermented Food Lab is only two ingredients once you have your water kefir set up. Simply watch as it ferments to be sure the pressure is safe, and store away for two to three days.

Find the recipe here.

Game Day Big Batches

Right on time with the start of football season, both college and NFL, Pinterest users are searching for the tastiest, cheesiest, and biggest recipes they can find.

These large crowd-pleasing recipes are designed to keep you out of the kitchen so you can watch the games, too.

Crunchy Taco Cups

Kevin and Amanda

This easy hack from Kevin and Amanda for creating the perfect taco cups uses Wonton wrappers, which bake up thinner and crispier than tortillas for a tastier bite.

Simply assemble these before people arrive, and pop them in the oven when you're ready. How's that for easy game day entertaining? Find the recipe here.

Game Day Breakfast Sliders

Mom Endeavors

Perfect for when you need to feed a crowd for breakfast, or just as perfect on game day when you decide to serve up breakfast for a snack, these Breakfast Sliders were made to bake up easily.

The recipe from Mom Endeavors is a classic in the food blogger world for a reason. Whip these up for an early morning tailgate, or even a late night snack.

Crockpot White Chicken Chili

Well Plated

Chili is synonymous with autumn, so it's no surprise that a Crockpot White Chicken Chili is on everyone's minds these days. Slow cooker recipes are eternally easy ways to feed a crowd, and even if you make a batch for dinner, the next day leftovers taste even better.

Find this recipe on Well Plated and try not to eat the entire batch at once. We dare ya.

Small Spaces in the Home

As the trends reflect rising home prices, more Pinterest users are searching for ways to make small changes in the home, especially in small spaces. Here are the design ideas capturing the attention of Pinners everywhere.

Floating Bookcases

Southern Hospitality

A functional room divider, floating bookcases can separate spaces in a room by creating nooks without interrupting the flow of the space.

Creative Headboards

Sweet Teal

Whether you're saving money or space, a hanging headboard made from original materials is an easy way to inject your bedroom with a zen-like vibe that suits your mood and design taste.

This flower headboard from Sweet Teal goes from the ceiling to the floor, though you could opt for a smaller space if you don't have the room.

Hanging Shelves

Why Don't You Make Me

Another easy DIY space-saver, these hanging shelves from Why Don't You Make Me are perfect for the little trinkets that seem to clutter larger surfaces, like coffee tables and nightstands.

Instead, display them like other Pinners with this simple DIY that makes you take advantage of vertical space in places it's limited, like dorm rooms or studio apartments.

Temporary Wallpaper

Jones Design Company

If you're renting or simply indecisive, temporary wallpaper is having a moment. While we love peel-and-stick backsplashes for your kitchen, we also love temporary wallpaper as a way to brighten up a space.

Maybe you're considering painting, but aren't sure if you know the right color. Maybe you want to enhance any spacial eyesores, like the blank staircase wall in the above photo from Jones Design CompanyEither way, it's one of the easiest mini renovations you can make.

Washi Tape


One of the most non-permanent ways to add color to a space is using washi tape! You can find almost any color and pattern under the sun on Amazon, giving you very few excuses to not start on that DIY project you've been dreading.

Learn how to use it effectively and in different size spaces from Brit.Co, they even designed a wall in their HQ with it!

70s Fever

Beauty trends have been slowly inching toward full-on 1970s greatness over the last few summers, but now we're seeing this free-spirited and loose look in autumn. The hairstyles on women's minds are easy to style and require little maintenance to look their best.

Curtain Bangs

Lovely Pepa

Curtain bangs are essentially the grown woman's way to grow out bangs effortlessly. Long enough to frame the edges of your eyebrows, while parting at your natural hair part, these bangs sweep open. Like a curtain.

Curly Bangs


Bangs are having a minute, as they do every autumn. However, this year, everyone is embracing their natural textures and celebrating what makes them uniquely beautiful. With curly bangs on the rise, this trend becomes even more attainable and looks even better than its straight hair counterpart.

The Sexy Shag

Shags always cycle back around every few years, and the shags of 2017 are short, razored, and flowy. An easy hairstyle that dries naturally into waves and movement, this was made for those on the go who rarely have time to paint their nails, let alone go for a manicure.

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