15 World Food Records So Ridiculous, Even Your Stomach Will Hurt

Offer up the title of "World Champion Record Holder" and people will partake in just about any competition imaginable--especially if it involves food. So gung-ho are some competitive eaters, they've even formed their own governing body, Major League Eating (MLE). This official organization supervises eating contests and validates food records worldwide. MLE maintains rankings for the top competitive eaters worldwide based on their performances in cutthroat competitions.

We've scoured the vast MLE databases to find the most delicious, daring, and downright gross competitions. Here are 15 of the weirdest world food records people actually hold.

1. The Hot Dog World Record

Perfect hot dogs. I wish I was eating today

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Joey Chestnut established this world record in a qualifying round of Nathan's Famous annual hot dog eating competition. The champ inhaled 73.5 hot dogs in under 10 minutes. That includes the buns and all. His secret? Dunk the dogs in water and swallow 'em whole.

2. The Oyster World Record

What kind of oyster eater are you? Naked or dressed?#hogislandoysterco #oysters

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Sonya Thomas slurped down 47 dozen oysters in under eight minutes world record. Take a few seconds to do the math... that's 564 oysters, or 70.5 oysters per minute.

3. The Wing Eating World Record

Junk food Thursdays 🤤🤤 Some wings to brighten up your day 🍗🍗 @bwwings #globallyscrumptious

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Chicken wings have long been a popular choice for eating contests at local bars around the country. Competitive eater Joey Chesnut put us all to shame by gobbling down more than seven pounds of chicken wings in under 12 minutes.

4. The Peeps World Record

#PEEPS among the poppies! Thanks for sharing this SWEET photo @mitzt 📸🌷

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National Harbor, Maryland has hosted an annual Peeps eating competition since 1994. The 2017 champion, Matt Stonie, opened wide and stuffed down 255 sugary marshmallows in five minutes, horrifying dentists everywhere.

5. The Twinkies World Record

New! Twinkies chocolate & peanut butter and Oreo Brownie cookies 😋 #twinkies #oreo #americanfood #britishfood

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Surprise, surprise--who should take home the championship title for the most Twinkies eaten but Joey Chesnut (showoff). The skilled scarfer gobbled down 121 Twinkies in six minutes. In case you were wondering, that's 18,200 calories, which is more than enough for an entire week.

6. The Mayonnaise World Record

Ukrainian Oleg Zhornitskiy gorged down, consecutively, four 32-ounce bowls of straight mayonnaise in 12 minutes for this world record. In case you were wondering, he shoveled down all eight pounds of mayo with a spoon.

7. The Kale World Record

Thursday pick #kale #anaheim #jalapeno #raspberry #brusselsprouts

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Gideon Oji's world record definitely stands out on this list because of its healthiness. In a classic case of "too much of a good thing", the champ scarfed down 408 ounces of chopped kale in eight minutes.

8. The Poutine World Record

That human vacuum Joey Chestnut plowed through bowl after bowl of poutine, polishing off more than 25 pounds in 10 minutes. That means an American eater holds the world record for eating a distinctly Canadian dish, and we couldn't be prouder. 

9. The Roach World Record

The freaks come out at night. #insect #insects #cockroach #cockroaches #feeding

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Ken Edwards shoveled down 36 Madagascar Hissing Roaches in 60 seconds 2001 to set this bizarre record. In case that's not gross enough for you--all of the roaches were alive.

10. The Butter World Record

Thanksgiving meal prep. 20 #sticksofbutter #pauladeenbelike

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Don Lerman ate seven sticks of butter in five minutes at the Glutton Bowl, a televised contest showcasing some of the world's top competitive eaters going head to head. That's 28 ounces of butter, or enough to spread over three month's worth of toast. 

11. The Reaper Pepper World Record

Tipping the Scoville Heat Unit Scale at a scorching hot 1.5 million each, Carolina reaper peppers are the hottest in the world. Wayne Algenio smoked the competition, eating 22 Carolina reaper peppers in 60 seconds and setting a world record in the process.

12. The Garlic World Record

When a recipe calls for #garlic I DON'T MESS AROUND.

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To earn this pungent world record, Patrick Bertoletti consumed 36 cloves of garlic in under a minute. Safe to say he warded off both first kisses and vampires that day.

13. The Slurpee World Record

Good Pull on the Tigers Orange #slurpee #detroittigers #7eleven

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Patrick Bertoletti, the garlic eating champion, owns this 7-Eleven record, as well. He chugged a 22-ounce Slurpee in just nine seconds, faster than you could say "brain freeze."

14. The World's Most Expensive Cocktail 

#champagne #canardduchene #grandcave #グランカーブ #cuveeleonie

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Joel Heffernan stirred up the world's most expensive cocktail using Croizet's 1858 'Cuvee Leonie', the world's priciest cognac. At $12,970, "The Winston" better have been pretty dang tasty.

15. The World's Most Expensive Caviar 

Christmas come early 😊 Iranian Beluga 😊 #caviar #iraniancaviar #beluga #belugacaviar #scotland

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Almas means diamond in Persian, and "Almas" Beluga caviar lives up to its name. Priced at $34,500 per kilogram, the world's most expensive caviar was harvested from a very rare 60 to 100-year-old Sturgeon native to the southern Caspian Sea near Iran.

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