15 Comforting, Hearty Chili Recipes to Make This Winter Warmer

In the dead cold of winter, there is nothing like curling up with a comforting bowl of chili. Spicy, filling, and all the hearty goodness to keep you warm, chili is the ideal winter meal. While everyone has their own special method that claims victory as the best chili bowl ever, branch out this winter and try something new.

From Jamaican jerk chicken to spicy chorizo, you may just find a few tips that elevate your chili's status. Bust out your beans and spices, because you'll want to try each of these warming 15 chili recipes.

1. Game Day Beer Chili

How Sweet It Is

This Game Day Beer Chili is no joke.

Beef, sausage, a mound of spices, three kinds of bean and bell peppers, a hint of maple syrup, and an avocado to top it off - your guests may have to bow down to your chili this game day.

2. Short Rib Black Bean Beer Chili

The Beeroness

The master of beer cooking, let the Beeroness show you how to use a coffee stout to cook your short ribs in this Short Rib Black Been Beer Chili.

3. Cornbread-Topped Skillet Chili

Sally's Baking Addiction

What could be better than a one skillet meal? One that involves cooking cornbread right on top of the chili.

Get the recipe here.

4. Steak Chili

Damn Delicious

Steak simmered for over an hour in all the glory of the chili bowl is the only way to make a comforting Steak Chili.

5. Smoky BBQ Chicken Chili

Carlsbad Cravings

Hearty beans, pungent spices, and BBQ chicken - what's not to love?

Get the recipe here.

6. One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

Damn Delicious

Nothing says comfort food like One Pot Chili Mac n Cheese.

7. Easy Crockpot Creamy Chicken Enchilada Chili

Chelsea's Messy Apron

Looking to mix things up a bit?

Add some Mexican flair to your chili with this Easy Crockpot Creamy Chicken Enchilada Chili.

8. Chorizo Chicken Chili with Lime Cilantro Sour Cream


If any of you have had paella, then you know how chorizo can elevate a dish. That along with a lime sour cream is exactly what you need to take your chili to the next level.

Get the recipe here.

9. Sweet Potato, Poblano, and Chorizo Chili

Iowa Girl Eats

Seriously, you need to try chorizo.

The flavors of the Spanish sausage meld with the slight hint of poblano spice and the subtle sweetness of sweet potato in this Sweet Potato, Poblano, and Chorizo Chili.

10. Creamy Vegetarian White Chili

Vegetarian Adventures

The creaminess of whole milk mixed with spicy jalapeño, green chili, and filling Great Northern beans put a healthy spin on your average chili.

Get the recipe here.

11. Smoky Vegetarian Chili

Umami Girl

Got 30 minutes? Then you should make this Smoky Vegetarian Chili.

The smoked paprika imparts a deep flavor that makes this chili a smash.

12. One Pot Red Lentil Chili

Minimalist Baker

How can you pass up a simple, yet incredibly delicious recipe like One Pot Red Lentil Chili? Trading in beans for lentils, this is the twist you've been looking for.

13. Crockpot Sweet Potato and Chipotle

Cotter Crunch

If you are looking for a healthy, but hearty chili recipe, then look no further! The combination of sweet potatoes and lean meat in this paleo chili is precisely what you need.

Get the recipe here.

14. Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa Chili

Fit Foodie Finds

Roasted red peppers are the secret to making this protein packed chili a success.

Get the recipe here.

15. Slow Cooker Jamaican Jerk Chicken Chili with Plantain Chips

Host the Toast

If you really want to try something new, then whip up this Slow Cooker Jamaican Jerk Chili. Jerked chicken and a heaping of spices along with plantain chips give you a taste of the Caribbean, and the best part, it's all done in the slow cooker.

Sometimes, it's best just to sit back and let the slow cooker do all the work.

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