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15 Eerie Halloween Jell-O Shots You'll Make Every Single Year


Halloween is all about spooky costumes, amazing decorations, and seeking tasty treats. When we were kids, it was all about the candy. I would be lying if I said that, as an adult, I'm not into candy anymore. But, there's something else I can be excited about when it comes to this season: Halloween jello shots at the adult Halloween party.

What could be more perfect for your Halloween party? It might be easy to make all kinds of autumnal gin punches, but you can also go crazy with creepy Halloween drinks.  These Halloween jello shot recipes will make you the neighborhood's favorite spot, whether you throw a party or not. I mean, why not hand out a jello shot to the adults as you hand out some candy to the kids? So grab your small saucepan and favorite shot glasses, let's get to Halloween recipes that you might end up making all year long.

If you're planning these for a kids' party, you can still treat them to a real Halloween cocktail, just turn it into a mocktail! Remember that you always sub in your favorite soda or seltzer, instead of adding booze. Who said the kids can't enjoy candy corn jello shots, too?

15 Spooky Halloween Jello Shots

1. Floating Eyeball Shots

Talk about creepy! You can make this recipe kid-friendly by leaving out the booze, or make it an adult-only treat by adding a glug of your favorite alcohol.


Pop in some gummy eyeballs for a real Halloween treat, and they'll float in the gelatin-filled concoction.

2. Wormy Jell-O Shots

This recipe gives you a few different variations on this festive-looking shooter. Use coconut-flavored Malibu rum or raspberry vodka to create a variety of colors and flavors.

Don't forget to put the gummy worms in before they set in the fridge! Now, this is one recipe that goes well next to those Mississippi Mud cupcakes you're thinking of making.

3. Pumpkin Pie Jell-O Shots

Looking for a way to use those leftover pumpkin guts? Look no further than this recipe! Turn your guts into pumpkin puree, then transform them into this festive-looking jello shot.


The unflavored gelatin mixture lets you play with the flavors in question, so feel free to change depending on your taste. Filled with rum and spices, it'll put anyone in the mood to brave a cold trick-or-treating night.

4. Black Magic Jello Shots

These dark magic Halloween Jello shots are definitely not for the kids! The creepy effect in this recipe is created by two layers of vodka-filled gelatin, topped off with some black sanding sugar. I can't wait to hand these out!

5. Candy Corn Shooters

I'll have a bowl full of candy corn for the kids, and a tray of these for the adults. No one will feel left out! It takes a little bit of patience to let each layer set before adding the next color, but it's worth it when you have authentic-looking shooters.

6. Glowing Jell-O Shots

Did you know that tonic water glows under a blacklight? Make up a recipe of these Jell-O shooters that turn vodka-tonics into a glowing affair. Make layers by using two different colors of gelatin if you really want to make these shine.


7. Vodka Tonic Jello Shots

This recipe uses the same idea as the last one (that tonic water glows under a blacklight), but they're extra creepy in their little bat shapes.

Instead of layering gelatin in a see-through cup, make these in a bat mold and pop 'em out. They'll be that much easier to pop into your mouth on Halloween!

8. Zombie Brain Jell-O Shooters

These ghoulish shooters will have you shouting for "brains....brains!" All you need to make this recipe is brain molds to make the creepy shooters, and some raspberry jam and food coloring to paint on the "blood." The shooters get their milky color from using coconut milk, so they'll look crazy and taste delicious!

9. Pumpkin Spice Latte Shooters

These may not be creepy, but they're a great way to get delicious flavor into a Halloween-themed shooter. Plus, this recipe is so delicious, it will probably change your PSL hating friends' minds about the Starbucks holiday favorite.


10. Creepy Peepers Jell-O Shots

Gummy eyeballs are popular during Halloween. This Jell-O shot recipe has you making your own! If you don't have the jelly bean mold, never fear, you can cut the shapes out by hand.

11. Witch's Brew Jell-O Shots

Who said you need plastic cups to eat Halloween Jell-O shots? These adorable shooters are half dessert, half Jell-O shot. The tapioca pearls add delicate texture, and they're so tasty you won't be afraid to eat them with a spoon!

12. Frankengoblin Jell-O Shots

Take your typical Jell-O shot and flip it upside down. What do you have? Creepy Frankenstein-like shapes. Press some candy eyes into the shapes and they jiggle on the platter as if they're alive!

13. Spooky Eyeball Jell-O Shots

Eyeballs, eyeballs, and more eyeballs. What started with peeled grapes has turned into an artful masterpiece! Horchata Cream Liqueur has the perfect color to use to make these creepy eyeballs (and they'll tastes delicious, too!).


14. Intensive Jell-O Ward Shots

What could be more Halloween-themed than a syringe filled with boozy jello? Whip up your favorite red jello shooter a pass them around using your best evil doctor themed voice.

15. Zombie Shots

These rum-filled zombie shots are terrifyingly creepy (and super delicious). You would never guess how delicious it would be to eat a bunch of bones!

As always, drink responsibly, don't drink and drive, and keep the alcohol-filled shooters for the adults! There are plenty of mocktails to share with mixed company.

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