15 Ground Beef Recipes That Are Wholesome, Healthy, and Filling

Ground beef is one of those ingredients that can be as boring or exciting as you make it. It is the reason so many 1950s recipes got a bad rap. But you have to remember that it is just a ground version of what you would salivate over sticking on the grill. The very best part ground beef, however, is the ease with which you can prepare it and how well it works with so many quick dinner ideas. Ground beef recipes are no longer so 1960s, they are now.

It also goes without saying that when it comes to ground beef dinners, you can swap in any variations that fit your family better, whether that means ground chicken, ground turkey, or nixing the meat entirely for a vegetarian take. To reintroduce you to the weeknight magic and comfort food of ground beef, here are 15 recipes that will make your mouth water just thinking about trying them.

1. Banh Mi Rice Bowls

Kiwi and Bean

Build you own rice bowls means you'll have a fun variety of toppings to play with. And let's be honest, whether you're an adult of a child, playing with your food is so much fun.

You don't even have to throw too many things together prior to serving, and healthy recipes almost always use variations on rice bowls. Get the recipe for this easy weeknight dinner here.

2. Sour Cabbage Meat Rolls

Sandra's Easy Cooking

When you need a hearty meal that's as equally satisfying as it is nutritious, this is your winner. Spiced beef rolled into cabbage and coated in a ladle-full of broth. That's it, nothing more, nothing less.

When it comes to easy recipes, it doesn't get easier than this. Get the recipe here.

3. Mexican Bake

Gourmet Girl Cooks

The perfect way to use up any leftover hamburger. This casserole makes a little bit go a long way.

Don't have tortillas on hand for a beef taco? This Mexican casserole is also a delicious recipe perfect for cleaning out the pantry. Get the recipe here.

4. Spinach Beef Fritatta

Stupid Easy Paleo

Add some protein to the ultimate one-pan meal to give yourself maximum energy. Plus, frittatas are even better the next day. Can you say hello leftovers?

Skillet meals are the unsung hero of weeknight comfort food recipes, and this is no different. Get the recipe here.

5. Paleo Chili Con Carne

Primal Gourmet

Purists will say that chili is never made with beans. Well, if that's your stance, I suppose you're going to have to amp up the quantity of beef in this recipe to compensate for your omission of them.

Healthy eats don't have to be huge departures from your regular routine, and this paleo recipe is an easy ground beef recipe that focuses on whole ingredients. Get this ground beef chili recipe here.

6. Beef Lunch Bowl

Stupid Easy Paleo

Give your work lunch a facelift with this super salad. And by "super" we mean super nutritious and unbelievably tasty.

Similar to a taco salad, this can be easily converted to much-loved vegetarian recipes, proving all the delicious ways you can swap in and out ingredients to get exactly what you want. Get the recipe here.

7. Paleo Slow Cooker Meatballs

Paleo Running Momma

Roll and go. That's all you need to do to end up with a perfect plate of spaghetti sauce and meatballs this week.

Red pepper flakes at the end are the real finishing touch to this staple of any Italian-American recipe collections. Get the recipe here.

8. Lebanese-Style Hummus

Feel Good Foodie

When you add toasted pine nuts and ground beef to hummus, you'll realize why this appetizer is ubiquitous across the Middle East.

Think of hummus as only an appetizer? Consider this one of your staple summertime dinner recipes when the kitchen is too hot to think of eating a whole meal. Get the recipe here.

9. Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese

Brooklyn Supper

Here is a refreshing take on hamburger mac and cheese - that weeknight staple that we can just never seem to get enough of.

Nothing but good things happen when there's sharp cheddar cheese involved. Get the recipe here.

10. Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

mozz stuffed ground beef

So we all know that meatballs are in a league of their own when it comes to ground beef recipes. But when you stuff them with mozzarella, you just entered an entirely new league.

You'll never even look twice at a classic meatloaf recipe again when you start to imagine all the cheesy possibilities of ground beef. Get the recipe here.

11. Tagliatelle Bolognese


Bolognese sauce is a great way to introduce some ground beef into the mix. The only trick is that you need a good recipe to balance all the fat and acidity in the sauce.

Lucky for you, here is one here.

12. Korean Bulgogi And Mushroom Tacos


Bulgogi is Korean barbecue. It's amazing and it should be put on everything. Including tacos.

Get the recipe here.

13. Spicy Cured Yolk Rice Bowl

Lady & Pups

If you've never had cured egg yolk, now is the time. Once you've had it with ground beef, you'll realize that the combination is magic.

Get the recipe here.

14. Stuffed Red Peppers

Trina's Paleo Newbie

Stuffed bell peppers can be hit or miss. However, when you add ground beef, spices, and red instead of green bell peppers, you'll find yourself munching on a home run.

Get the recipe here.

15. Beef and Veggie Chili


Get all the parts of the food pyramid into one bowl with this recipe.

Get the recipe here.

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