GRAPHIC: 15 Gross Kitchen Accidents to Convince You to Be Careful

From boiling water burns to chef knife slices on your fingers, the kitchen just might be the most dangerous place in the house, but you aren't cooking if you don't have a couple of battle scars. Learn from these people's mistakes so you can avoid a couple of stitches or the loss of chunks of your fingers. Safety first, my friends, I just want us all to keep our fingers and successfully avoid kitchen accidents.

Are you ready to get started? See how far through this list you can make it before feeling queasy!

1. Mandolins are not your friends.

I have actually known a couple people who have done some damage to themselves while thinly slicing fruits and veggies with on a mandolin, and none of them were using the safety guard.

2. The grater good.

Don't grate onions with your eyes closed, kids. #kitcheninjury

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I once watched my dad grate his fingers and I will never forget his face as he pulled his shredded skin out of the holes of the grater--you've been warned.

Maybe just buy the pre-shredded cheese, it's safer.

3. Chef Knife Slip-up.

The most essential kitchen gadget is the a well sharpened chef's knife, they can also be the more dangerous, so sharpen your knife skills and always use the utmost care when handling these blades.

4. Batter taste test gone wrong.

Forget the debate on whether or not we should be worried about salmonella in your cake batter, and instead worry about sugar-crazed thieves just sticking their whole hand in the mixer while it's on.

Okay, I know this one isn't real, but that's some pretty cool special effects makeup.

5. If you can't stand the heat.

Never grab a pan in the kitchen without a towel. #lessonlearnedthehardway ✔️ #seared #kitchenburns #cheflife ??

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Pans will get hot when heated and so will your skin if you touch them without the soft, comfort-y protection of a hot pad.

6. Earn your kitchen stripes.

My teenage daughter earning her kitchen stripes.

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Be careful where you lean in a kitchen as you never know what could scar you, but then again, she is smiling so maybe this is really just a badge of honor.

7. Avocados have it out for all of us.

I have actually cut myself while trying to get the green goodness out of an avocado. Don't drink and cut avocados.

8. The bread that bled.

Something as simple as cutting a slice of bread can be a reason to bring out the bandages.

Serrated knives will shred your skin instead of slice it.

9. Onions will make you cry.

When chopping onions goes wrong... #ouch #kitcheninjury #byebyefingernail #dinnertales

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They'll also steal part of your nail. Watch where you're putting your French tips.

10. What you don't see on Food Network.

The real behind-the-scenes of any kitchen is pretty much filled with horror stories of blood, gore, and how most Chefs are missing chunks of their fingers.

11. Blenders, they aren't just for smoothies anymore.

Please don't stick your hands in the blender while it's on, your kale smoothie doesn't need any more iron.

12. Immersion blender vs. fingertip.

Looks like the immersion blender will win this battle every time. Note to self, keep fingers away from sharp swirling blades.

Cool scar though.

13. I wok up like this.

Searing hot oil splashing out of a fire-heated wok, there is no better way to flawlessly burn your beautiful skin.

Stand back when adding broth or liquid to your recipe.

14. Literally cutting chunks.

Bandage off. Pretty gross! Smells burnt. Still hurts pretty bad.

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Fingers and anything sharp are a notorious combination that seems to be destined for danger.

Sharp knives and lots of practice will keep your fingers intact.

15. Filet of hand.

Fresh cut hand may not be what you want your family dining on this evening. Practice your hand-knife coordination.

Show us your kitchen disasters on Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats, and please be careful while cooking! What's the worst cooking injury you've ever gotten?

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