15 Unique Garden Planters to Decorate Your Backyard

If you're looking for an unique, decorative way to spruce up the garden, then look no further. Breathing life into recycled materials, these upcycled garden planters add some creative flair to your backyard while staying in budget.

Sure, you could go to the local home improvement store and spend your money on generic planter boxes, but who wants that? Make your planters the envy of the neighborhood and decorate your yard with these 15 fun garden planters.

1. Chair Planter

Garden Therapy

How rad is this succulent chair planter?!

The best part is that you could find a chair like this at a yard sale for a few bucks.

2. Bird Bath

Three Dogs in a Garden

Unless you're an avid bird bath cleaner, odds are it's growing something funky on it. Embrace the funk and turn it into a planter like this fern bird bath.

3. Rusty Wagon

Flea Market Gardening

Kids all grown up? Turn their old wagon into a garden gem.

4. Old Drawers

RP Boutique

How gorgeous are these?!

5. Suitcase Planter


Let your vintage suitcases see the light of day and use them for your plants. No reason to let them waste away in the closet.

6. Fishing Tackle Box

1001 Gardens

Got a new tackle box? Why not plant some herbs in it.

7. Typewriter Planter

Sheilla Zeller Interiors

How fun is this!

8. Ticking Clock

Magia Mia

Nobody uses these alarm clocks anymore anyway so put it to some good use in the garden.

9. Birdcage

The Radish Patch

A birdcage planter is perfect for ivy, succulents, or spring flowers.

10. Rain Boot Row

The Micro Gardener

The kids' old rain boots could make for a beautiful flower arrangement in the yard.

11. Mailbox

Lilac Lane Cottage

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using a mailbox as a planter.

Ivy, cascading flowers, and any decorative idea you can conjure up would look spectacular in the yard.

12. Rusty Bike

Red Bench Vintage

An old rusty bike is the ideal rustic planter.

13. Toilet Bowl

Gardening A Creative Journey

Where else would you want to put the garden gnome?

14. Bathtub

Fun Flower Facts

I love how this bathtub showcases the beauty of these flowers.

15. Volkswagon Beetle


Of all the unique backyard planters, the Beetle takes the cake.

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