15 Dinner Recipes No Californian Could Resist

Fresh, farm-to-table, and ethnic all encapsulate California cuisine. While non-residents may think all Californians eat is avocados and burritos - okay, we get weak in the knees at the very mentioning of both - there is a range of meals that every Californian can't resit. Well, as long as diet allows.

Fresh seafood, pizza, food trucks, produce from the local farmers market, anything Mexican, Asian fusion, well, anything fusion really, are all a part of what we like to eat in California. What barbeque is to the South, is what the burrito and taco shop is to California. We are proud of our food and love being in cities that offer a diverse menu of ethnic cuisine.

Here are the 15 dinners that a Californian can't refuse.

1. Carne Asada Burrito

Carlsbad Cravings

It's true, Californians are obsessed with burritos. So obsessed, that it's not uncommon to eat one for each meal in a day.

A burrito in the northern half of the state, however, is completely different than a burrito in the southern half. And when living in San Diego, Carne Asada burritos are their own thing.

Get the recipe here.

2. Al Pastor Street Car Tacos

What's for Dinner

It doesn't matter if it's 2AM in the morning or 2PM in the afternoon, passing up street car tacos from the food truck - particularly Al Pastor - is blasphemous.

3. Mahi Mahi (Baja) Fish Tacos

Creme de la Crumb

Fish taco are quite possibly the best thing in the world. Any fish taco will do, but the Mahi-Mahi Taco is one you won't pass up on any menu.

Get this blackened Baja Fish Taco with Avocado creme recipe here.

4. Farm-to-Table Pizza

Half Baked Harvest

When you leave California, you miss the pizza - and no, the California Pizza Kitchen chain won't suffice. Real farm-to-table toppings on an artisanal pizza that you can finish yourself is what you crave.

If you're craving pizza, try this Springtime Pizza with Chipotle Romesco, Eggs + Shaved Asaparagus

5. San Francisco Clam Chowder

The Gourmet Gourmad

Home to sourdough bread, you can't pass up a clam chowder bread bowl in San Francisco.

While Fisherman's Warf is a complete tourist trap, you can't help but visit the mother of all sourdough, Boudin Bakery, located in the district. Get the recipe here.

6. Cioppino

The Bojon Gourmet

Seafood is a huge staple in California cuisine, and Cioppino is a classic.

This tomato-based seafood stew is a San Francisco classic born from the Italian fishermen located in North Beach.

7. Hog Island Oysters

Hog Island Oyster Company

North of San Francisco, tucked in the Tomales Bay, are the freshest oysters around. There is nothing like sitting on an oyster farm, shucking those suckers fresh out of the water.

And pairing it with a craft beer? Now that's a Californian meal.

Get Hog Island Oyster Co. recipe for Hog Wash here.

8. Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Burger

Closet Cooking

There is no joking around when it comes to a burger. Piled high with all the fixings, it wouldn't be complete without wrapping it in bacon, and loading it with guacamole.

Get the recipe here.

9. Rocket and Goat Cheese Salad

Table Twenty Eight

It's hard to pass up a simple salad. Especially when it has rocket arugula and goat cheese.

Get the recipe for this Rocket, Pear, and Goat Cheese salad here.

10. Kale and Avocado Hippie Bowl

Green Kitchen Stories

We love a good detox bowl loaded with veggies. Especially if it has kale and avocado - and if it's raw, that's even better!

Get the recipe for this Hippie Bowl here.

11. Kale Avocado Smoothie

Kale Avocado Smoothie

Have I mentioned how much we love kale and avocado? Sometimes, a juice cleanse is in order to restore the balance of health. That's where the green smoothies come in.

Get the recipe here.

12. Pho

The Woks of Life

Just like taco shops, Californians argue about where to get the best pho.

Learn how to make the real deal with this recipe here.

13. Seared Tofu Bahn Mi

Love and Lemons

Vegetarian or not, it's always a good time for a Bahn Mi.

Get the recipe here.

14. Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

Closet Cooking

Go to a restaurant in California that has a fusion or American theme, and odds are you'll find a Ahi tuna salad on the menu.

Try one out with this Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna "Sushi" Salad with Wasabi Viniagerette recipe.

15. Tuna and Avocado Sushi

Out of the Crab Bucket

If there is one thing that is impossible to pass up, it's sushi. Any sushi really. Although, we do enjoy our Yellowtail and avocado in a roll.

Get the recipe for this Volcano sushi roll here.

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