15 Realistic Succulent Cakes Even Those Without a Green Thumb Will Love

Green eater or meat eater, I defy you to deny a nibble of a lush succulent dessert. Resembling a masterpiece of your favorite plants in your terrarium, these cakes are beyond gorgeous, they are green. What appears to be a mere cake decoration, is in fact, nothing more than buttercream.

While some cake designers may be mimicking a burger and fries, green thumb enthusiasts as wells as gorgeous cake lovers will embrace the succulent theme set forth by Ivenoven. Carefully crafted, this cake artist based out of Indonesia showcases incredible talent with these beautiful succulent cakes.

Designed by hand, Ivenoven is making a splash in the cake world with stunning natural terrarium scenes. From cupcakes to tiered cakes, every creation she crafts is a true work of art.

If you find your healthy green pallet in need of a sweet fix, then check out these lovely 15 succulent inspired cakes that take green eating to a whole new level.

1. Succulent Wreath

A beautiful ring of life-like succulents line this botany-inspired cake.

2. Desert Landscape

If you could take a sweet bite out of the desert, this is what it would look like.

3. Buttercream Terrarium

Buttercream terrarium cake 💕

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This terrarium cake looks so real, it's hard to believe it's made out of buttercream!

4. Blooming Succulent Cupcakes

Surprise the birthday girl with the green thumb on her special day with an array of hand-crafted terrarium cupcakes.

5. Garden in Bloom

You might think this cake had help from the garden, but that's no real flower, that's buttercream!

6. A Slice of Nature

Because your beloved one deserves the best 😘😘

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Delicately crafted, this nature inspired cake is a work of art.

7. Midnight Owl

Showcasing true talent, this owl cake is a sweet masterpiece.

8. Blue Parrot

She believed she could so she did. 💙💕

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Have any parrot lovers in the family? They will adore this artsy scene.

9. Desert Blue Cupcakes

Put a smile on a friend's face with these blue succulent themed cupcakes.

10. Whimsical Blooms

If your searching for a wedding cake that breaks the mold, then this is the cake for you.

Blooming in blue, this stunning creation has elegance written all over it.

11. Elegant Blooms

Weddings, birthdays, or any celebration will be a smash with this incredible cake.

The fine detail and texture makes it hard to believe that it's made out of buttercream.

12. Terrarium Plants

Get inspired to build your own terrarium - or at least eat one - with this astounding terrarium cake.

13. Succulent Garden

A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age 😊

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Crafted to perfection, this ring of succulents is bursting with life.

14. Scenic Nature

Ivenoven has outdone herself with this one. The fine detail of leaves and petals mimic nature in the most talented way.

15. Patterns of Nature

Practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what this cake is!

This meticulously crafted cake captures the pattern of succulent leaves with fine detail only a master of cake design can achieve.

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