14 Foods Texas Will Always Do Better Than Anyone Else

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but there are also some things that are just better here. It isn't a case of big ego, it's simply a case of taste. While states like Wisconsin may have a handle on cheese, it's Texas that turns it into liquid gold. Sweet tea may be a popular choice in all Southern states, but there's nothing like sipping it on a hot summer day by the Guadalupe River. See what I mean? Texas was just made for pleasure. Everything tastes better here.

Whether they were invented here or just perfected in the state, here are 14 edible delicacies that are simply superior in the Lone Star State.

1. Queso

Literally flames on cheese ?? #quesoflameado

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It comes in many colors. Some are even lit on fire. It doesn't matter. Melted cheese is life, and it should go on everything, not just be your appetizer.

2. Frozen Margaritas

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With so many months of summer in Texas and so many different tequilas to try, alcoholic slushies, I mean frozen margaritas, are your new best friend.

Not to mention it was Mariano's Mexican Cuisine in Dallas was the restaurant that invented the frozen beverage. Their first frozen margarita machine was even donated to the Smithsonian!

3. Fajitas

The food of poor college students and BBQ pit masters alike, fajitas are the reason we can afford to experiment with and eat beef more than once a week.

Thank goodness those Spanish-Texan ranch hands decided to throw some seasoned skirt steak on the grill and give us this beautiful dish.

4. Brisket

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Please do not put it in a sandwich. Please do not drench it in sauce. Just enjoy the pure flavors of a slow-smoked brisket in its unadorned perfection.

How many other types of BBQ can you say that about?

5. Breakfast Tacos

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No, it is not a breakfast burrito, quesadilla or anything else. It is simply a savory taco, for breakfast.  And once you've had one, you'll never go back.

6. Donuts with Breakfast Tacos

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It doesn't make any sense, but in Texas donuts just go with tacos.

It just seems logical to us to have the two kings of breakfast under one roof, especially when they support your home team.

7. Texas Caviar

Texans were those who were ingenious enough to make a much, much cheaper version of those fish eggs you put on toast points.

This way, we ensure we can get our veggies piled high on a tortilla chip. After all, food is supposed to fill you up, not just look pretty.

8. Sweet Tea

Although the oldest known recipe for sweet tea to dates back to an 1879 issue of Housekeeping in Old Virginia, they used green tea.

It was actually us Texans who quickly figured out how to use black tea to recreate this classic beverage when WWII rations cut off the South's access to other types of tea.

9. Chicken Fried Steak

With origins in the Texas Hill Country (due to the German heritage of the region), this dish is true Texas. Naturally, it only comes in two sizes though, large and Texas-sized.

Check out Lulu's in San Antonio to dig into one of the biggest chicken fried steak's you've ever seen.

10. Hamburgers

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A hamburger is not an American classic, it is a Texas classic.

You can now forever be thankful to a man named Mr. Fletch from Athens, Texas who took this sandwich to the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis and introduced this genius creation to the world.

11. Chimichanga

A chimichanga is Tex-Mex food, and clearly Tex-Mex comes from Texas.

So even though this dish is reputed to have been invented in Arizona, it descends directly from Texas culinary history.

12. Kolaches

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Kolaches are uniquely Texas. As a fusion of Texas flavor and Czech baking tradition, you just can't get anything quite like them elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, the best ones are found in Texas.

Specifically, the very best ones are from the Czech Stop in the little town of West, Texas.

13. Dr Pepper

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With 23 flavors and no high fructose corn syrup, this Texas original is definitely unique.

While we may never know the 23 flavors, but we can certainly spend some time sipping from cans and hazarding our best guesses.

14. Ice Cream

Everyone knows about Blue Bell ice cream (for better or for worse), but have you heard about places like Lick, Amy's Ice Cream, or Old Town Creamery?

They may be small in size, but these under-the-radar shops are definitely not small in flavor.

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