13 Pantry Pictures That Will Make You Envious

About once a month I decide I am going to tackle my pantry. I clean it out, reorganize it, and restock it. Somehow, even after a few hours of effort and some elbow grease, it never quite looks like the beautiful pantries that fill glossy magazines and overrun Pinterest. I can organize with the best of them, but it still lacks style.

I've scoured the internet for some of the best pantries out there. I've incorporated some of their ideas to elevate my own cabinets, but I also love drooling over photos of pantries that are neat, organized, and hip. Hopefully some of these offer you inspiration for your own home!

1. Elegant and Simple

The House of Smiths
The House of Smiths

This corner pantry uses patterned wallpaper to bring the pantry to life, and different sized containers to maximize space.

2. Natural Accents and Sliding Shelves

This pantry is bright and airy, with natural wood. Drawers slide out for easy access to everything you store, so nothing gets lost.

3. Classic Baskets

Design, Dining, and Diapers
Design, Dining, and Diapers

A simple pantry to put together, this one utilizes closet shelving and woven baskets. Chalked signs make it easy to see exactly where everything is.

4. A Monster Pantry

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This huge pantry is built around the refrigerator and offers so much space, you would never have to worry about food storage again!

5. Space for Cookbooks

So so so jealous! Wish my pantry was this organised! ? Unknown #pantry #pantryorganization #pantrystaples #deampantry

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Not only is this pantry bright and clean, but it has shelves to hold cookbooks. That makes it easy to look at a recipe and immediately know if you have the ingredients or not.

6. Making Use of Tall Spaces

 Remodelando La Casa
Remodelando La Casa

Here's another pantry that uses slide out drawers. This one also makes use of that tall, narrow cabinet so many kitchens seem to have. Chalkboard paint creates the perfect space for grocery lists.

7. Crisp and White

This pantry has it all. The patterned wallpaper makes the space bright, and the variety of bins, baskets, and jars provide space for all manner of food storage.

8. Sliding Barn Doors

A morning well spent at @tjmaxx for bins and getting my pantry game on point! #pantryorganization #putitinabasket #barndoorpantry

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Here's a practical pantry with metal shelves and lots of space. What really makes it stand out is the beautiful sliding barn door that hides it all away.

9. A Retro Feel

Eclectic Recipes
Eclectic Recipes

This pantry has darker tones and a distinct vintage feel to it. The hanging pots and pans are a great use of space, and offer color and character.

10. Screen Doors and Country Class


Screen doors offer visibility and the perfect country flair to this kitchen.

11. A Hidden Pantry


This pantry is hidden seamlessly behind classy doors with metal accents.

12. All the Space You Need


A giant pantry with wooden floors and earth tones, this one also offers tons of top shelf space for tall item storage.

13. Awesome Corner Space

This pantry uses the corner to house the appliances that don't stay out on the counter - like the slow cooker, and the KitchenAid.

Which of these pantries do you wish you had in your own home? You don't have to dream of these - even the smallest organizational tactics can help you get started today!

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