13 Iconic Texas Foods You Need to Try at Least Once

Everything in Texas is bigger and better, at least that's what the natives have to say. Why, you ask? Well, Texans are to thank for some of your favorite guilty pleasures like a scoop (or three) of Blue Bell ice cream, or popping the top off of a bottle of Dr. Pepper. However, there's more to Texas than these signature and well-known items.

When it comes to food, these are the 13 things Texans simply cannot do without.

1. Dr. Pepper

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As mentioned above, Dr. Pepper is a staple in this state, mainly because of the fact that it originates from it. That's right, the town of Dublin, Texas is the home of this sweet afternoon treat that's taken the hearts of all Texans -- and outsiders -- alike.

2. Lockhart BBQ

No matter where you're from in the great state of Texas, you know that Lockhart is the heart and soul of not just Texas BBQ, but all BBQ.

If you disagree, you're probably not from these parts.

3. Chips and Queso

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There is no such thing as a meal without chips and queso.

Whether it's at your favorite Tex-Mex joint, or the cafe around the corner for breakfast, you'll always see, and order, chips and queso.

4. Breakfast Tacos

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To be quite honest, Texans don't understand how the rest of the country survives without these beauties.

Whether you're struggling in the early hours of the day, or it's calling to your heart; breakfast tacos are love, and breakfast tacos are life.

5. Fried Everything at the State Fair

You name it, and it's probably available just for you at the State Fair of Texas.

From Snickers to cheese, there's no telling where the boundaries are, and Texans are more than O.K. with that.

6. Shiner Bock

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Your fridge should always be stocked full with some type of Shiner beer. Whether it's the classic Shiner Bock, the ever popular Holiday Cheer, there's no getting through the holidays, or life, without them.

Plus, have you ever had a sausage marinaded and boiled in Shiner Bock? Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

7. Chicken Fried Steak

Sure, other state shave chicken fried steak as well, but do they do it like they do in Texas? See, in a state where everything's bigger, the food counts and that's the case with Texas-style chicken fried steak.

Decadent, rich, creamy, crunchy and everything your culinary dreams are made of.

8. Big Red

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Texans can't really tell you in full why this red drink exists, or why it's so addicting.

Maybe it's the intriguing color, but most likely it's the fact this firecracker of a soft drink was created and manufactured in Waco, Texas.

9. Pecan Pie

It's Texas. We've all seen the boxes from Goode Company's pecan pies.

In summary: Pecan pie and Texas go together forever.

10. Texas Chili

Interesting tidbit for your day: Texas chili is traditionally made without beans.

That's right, here you've got a giant bowl of meat, cheese, broth, spices, and everything else delicious you can throw in. And you know what? It's awesome.

11. Tortilla Soup

What's so different about Texas tortilla soup and others around the country? For starters, if you even find a tortilla soup, the flavors and spices will likely be lacking.

And that means you're also not in Texas . . .  and for that, we say come back to Texas and let the native Texans show you a thing or two about the real tortilla soup.

12. Beef Ribs

The plate is huge ?????

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Texas stands out amongst other members of the south and their BBQ choices in that where most of the southern states opt for the pork version of this succulent and savory dinner, Texas doesn't.

Call it an attempt to be different, call it smarts, call it what you wish. But if there's one thing that's true, it's that beef ribs will change your life.

13. Blue Bell Ice Cream

When you're talking Texas, you have to mention Blue Bell. It's a state classic, born and raised in good ol' Brenham, Texas.

While there was an epidemic due to a momentary shut-down of production, all is well, and Texans can have their sweet fix whenever their lone star hearts desire.

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